4K in 4 Hours Bonus

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4K in 4 Hours Bonus Bryan Dulaney AKA The Closer is launching
a brand new course called "How to bank 4K in 4 Hours". Teaching people how to use all of that internet
marketing knowledge they've acquired and help offline businesses with their online marketing. So, if you buy the course he's going to build
you a direct response website optimized to pull in clients for you, give you re-brandable
sales funnels and autoresponder e-mails, 12 weekly webinars over 3 month time period…
etc. BUT, here's where the 4K in 4 Hour Bonus comes
in… He is going to CLOSE CLIENTS FOR YOU!! 3 clients, per month over a 3 month period
at $2,000.00 per client up front. For all you math buffs out there – that's $18,000.00
in clients by the time he's done. Not only that.. he
is guaranteeing each client will pay you $300.00 a month in recurring monthly income… $2,700.00
a month at the end of 3 months in recurring
income!! So, I know alot of people are probably going
to be thinking – okay. But, when that's done.. how am I going to get anymore clients…

Fair enough, let me first tell you this is
the business model I currently work myself… and the number 1 way you're going to get major
clients…. Ready for the secret… Is the suspense killing you?!?! Referalls!!! Once you offer your services
and impress these first 9 clients your GUARANTEED – they're going to start referring you.. and
you're business is going to grow exponentially!! Pretty exciting eh?! (Yes, I'm Canadian.) Alright – so I thought I'd get into the spirit
of giving myself. Here are my 4K in 4 Hour bonuses.. Chosen at random.. One person will be chosen for each prize… Brand new iPad2. Brand new IPod touch. Brand new flip camcorder. … Which is all well and good – but here's
the clincher… I'm
going to offer a FREE 1 Hour consultation to EACH and EVERY person who buys through my
site, I'll teach you some super ninja ways to rank youtube videos for your clients (very
few internet marketers know these methods..), a few secret ways to get even more clients!! Plus, I'm going to tell you all the services
I'm outsourcing to.

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Aswell as connect you with my super duper SEO guy. Websites, social media techniques – all these
things will stay fairly static. But, SEO is a living breathing beast and with Googles
constant changing of their rules it's nearby impossible to stay on top of what keeps sites
ranked. Well, my guy gawks at that challenge…. He
is the number 1 reason for my businesses success. Here's my websites link again… http://www.4kin4hoursbonuses.com 4K in 4 Hours Bonus Looking forward to speaking with you. Sincerely, James.

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