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so you probably know what social media is and are familiar with things like followers likes and shares what's probably less clear is how your small business can take advantage of all the online socializing i'm london and this is darlene and in this video we'll share four tips with you on how your business can use social media social media is a great way for you to connect with customers and prospects and gives you a platform to share your content easily and quickly with a whole lot of people and posting valuable content on your social media profile is like a consumer warm and fuzzy it lets your consumers know that you care about them as a person and not just about their purchasing power for example a veterinarian might post an alert about a pet food recall or a makeup artist might share a link to your favorite youtube video on creating that perfect smoky eye social media can help drive traffic to your website but not everything that you share will link back to your site so if a link makes sense then use it if you make sure to share only valuable content with your customers sending them to your site makes it seem like you're doing them a favor not pushing a sale sharing a link to an interesting blog post or a new product announcement can drive traffic to your site without looking forward social media is an excellent way to establish industry expertise you can share insider tips or knowledge and attract followers grow your influence or become a thought leader and small businesses looking to become thought leaders should consider local first for example if you're an exterminator in phoenix you might want to share some tips on how to keep scorpions at bay and last social media at least how we've described it in this video is earned online marketing it's considered trustworthy by consumers and a direct driver of sales and while earned online marketing isn't a financial investment don't consider it free social media requires time and dedication so let me recap the four ways a small business can use social media connecting with customers driving traffic to your website establishing expertise and generating sales i'm london and this is darlene see you next time [Music]

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