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you've created killer content for your email and you've packaged it up in an awesome design now you have one more thing to do i'm london and this is neda and in this video we'll share some tips to help your email stand out in the inbox and promote open and click through it all starts with the subject line keep it short and simple and limit yourself to under 10 words and don't use all caps it's the digital equivalent of yelling at people and make trigger spam filters also don't over punctuate no matter how awesome your email is you don't need five exclamation points focus on the first few words that's what your readers see when they're in preview mode you can boost your open rates by creating a sense of urgency with don't miss out or you can intrigue them with we've got a secret the next tip make your customers feel special by personalizing your email using your customer's name is a great way to start but you also might want to include their personal journey if they're a new customer send them a welcome email or there's always the classic birthday shout out and giving your customers all this extra attention is actually super easy tools like godaddy email marketing use personalization tags that simplify this entire process and last think about the inbox experience what will your customers see when they open their emails it's always more reassuring to see a real email address instead of a do not reply ad if you're a small business consider sending email marketing from well you it's easier for customers to relate to neta at rando business.com as opposed to info rando business.com you also want to think about what shows up in your from field we suggest using your business name or first name and business name this way people know that the email that they're getting is coming from a real person at a real company so to recap the three ways to optimize delivery of your email marketing are use a compelling succinct subject line personalize your emails and clearly identify you're the sender i'm london and this is neda see you later you

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