3 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing is Failing (And How You Can Fix It)

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– I want to share with you
right now today's video, three reason why your
digital marketing sucks or it's failing. What are the top three reasons and how can you overcome them? (mellow music) Now, I've actually spoken with hundreds of different businesses. These are the three reasons that cost them the most amount of money and also time that they produce zero to minimal ROI, and they don't know why. That's what I wanna show you. These are the three main reasons. And there are things that
you might not even expect that cause your digital marketing to fail. And how you can prevent and overcome them so you can make sure that when you're implementing any digital marketing, before you spend that
one dime or that cent, you're actually gonna be
able to grow your business.

And now I wanna preference this as well that these are the things
that really just piss me off when it comes to these three things. These are the most simple things that these business, they
overlook, and they overshadow. and it's things that are obvious, but when they overlook them it causes them to not have the results they wanna get. So that's why, if I'm
going through this video, you're gonna see that I'm gonna be having a little bit more emotional side to it, but that's one of the main reasons.

Is 'cause I'm pissed off
that all these people, they don't get these three
core fundamental things that they can just tap in to overcome to be able to have a more successful digital marketing strategy
for their business. The number one factor why
your digital marketing sucks is because you lack focus. One of the biggest reasons that digital market campaigns fail, and right now, especially, you're overwhelmed with
a bunch of information. So you think that you
wanna implement tactic one, two, three, four. You wanna do this Facebook
ad, this Instagram campaign, this specific traffic accelerator thing. You wanna do all these
different types of tactics that don't end up being strategies.

You don't give enough time to
be able to focus on one thing. It's almost like shiny object syndrome. You focus on one thing, and
you jump into another thing instead of just focusing
on that one campaign, one defined process to
really increase your traffic, increase your leads,
and increase your sales. The only three ways to
grow a business online.

You jump around from
multiple different things because the next guru, or that person said this, this said that, and you're trying to do
all these different things. Just focus on that one defined process. And one thing I want you to
embed this into your mind, is that it's never about what you do. It's always about how you do it. You can find at least 100 people, whatever thing that they've done in specific industry or business, let's say in the fitness space, that are extremely 99 that have failed and one that's been successful. What's the difference? Is it because they're
in the fitness industry? Is it because the industry
that you're in is tough? You know for a fact that
there's at least one person in your industry that's
extremely successful. It's about how they got there,
not about what they did.

It's never what someone does, it's about how you do a specific strategy. So the first thing is don't
have shiny object syndrome. Don't jump from one thing to the other. Just focus on that one
thing that you can do, that defined process. And understand how you build that out. That's the first thing. Never jump to one thing. Focus on that one thing.

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One thing to also keep in mind is that digital marketing strategy is not supposed to be some kind of complex, overwhelming amount of thing. You wanna focus on understanding
that it's a simple process. One of the biggest misconceptions
about digital marketing, even from businesses
that are starting out, or businesses that I talked to that are doing 100 plus million revenue. They think they need some
complex, sophisticated, strategy to be able to
grow their business. The truth is, digital marketing is simple. As long as you have a
defined process to get there. There's only three ways, right? The traffic, the leads, and the sales.

As long as you understand
one strategy for each, and you focus on tweaking
it and amplifying it, you can build a successful multi million dollar business online. You just have to have that
focus and the defined process. Simple, not complex. One of the biggest reasons why 97%, or 95% depending on what
statistic you're looking at, fail is because they experience the number one issue is cash flow. That means that they don't
understand their numbers. They aren't able to
project their cash flow. They collect the money and
they spend it out right away.

That means they're not
getting the money fast enough before their expenses arise,
and they're paying them out. It's the same thing in digital marketing. The number one reason
why these businesses fail is because they don't
understand the numbers. They don't look at the CPA, cost per acquisition per customer. The owners send LTV to AOV. All these fancy terms basically mean the numbers that are
vital to your business in order for you to scale
with the digital marketing. That's the most important thing is that you wanna know your numbers. Whenever I speak to a business owner, 90% of the time, if they're
struggling or their failing is because they don't know the numbers, or they don't know what they don't know. They don't even know that they should know their CPA, the AOV, the LTV.

They have a question mark on their mind on what that number even is. The second thing is that if they do know, then they don't know to the degree that they should have it at. So the most important
thing you wanna understand is you wanna know your numbers. And I kinda have a video here
talking about the PAS Matrix, which is the simplified
version of the vital stuff that you need to know in
order to have a successful digital marketing campaign or strategy. The PAS Matrix is what I created so you don't have to be overwhelmed by tough complex numbers. It's a very simple defined matrix that shows you the core numbers that you need to know in your business to make sure digital
marketing is successful. So that's why the number second reason why digital marketing sucks is because you don't know your numbers. And you don't know once
you have those numbers how to convert that into activities that's gonna change your business and change your digital marketing.

Because what is the good
thing about having numbers if you don't know what
they mean to your business? Now that you know the three reasons why your digital marketing sucks, or it's failing, because you
have minimal to zero ROI, is because of those three things. Make sure that you understand
these three things. You rewatch it, you hone in on it, and you have a solution to fix it. Everything I share with you on my YouTube channel on my website, is dedicated to solving your
digital marketing problems. The reason why most businesses can't grow is because those three things. They can't get traffic,
they can't get leads, and they can't get revenue in sales. As long as you have a defined process for all three of these, you're gonna have a
consistently profitable ROI driven digital marketing strategy. So thanks for watching this. I want you to comment below. Let me know what's the insight
that you got from this. Like this video, and most
importantly subscribe so you get future videos just like this helping you on a digital marketing in your business and also personally, as well as an entrepreneur
to entrepreneur.

So thanks for watching this, and I'll see you in the next one..

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