3 Innovative Steps to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy [SIMPLIFIED]

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– You see this? This is what marketing has turned into. People think that marketing is some overwhelming,
sophisticated, complex thing when in reality, it's something that's very simple and something
that you can implement to your business to be able to make money online and grow a successful
business. My name is Benson Sung and today I'm gonna
teach you the foundations of successful marketing that generates millions of dollars. Tired of all the BS that all the inter-marketers
and gurus are selling you, I'm going to give you the clarity that you need to implement

The first foundation of being able to grow
a business online and create a marketing campaign that's successful, is being able to understand
your ideal audience persona. What is the ideal audience persona? Essentially, it's understanding who you're
going after. Who is the target audience, and being able
to determine five to six different categories that I'm about to teach you right now to determine
the very simple things that you should target. The first thing is understanding the emotional
triggers. What are the emotions that you want your target
audience to respond with when they see your business or your brand.

The second thing is what are the values that
you want them to have. What's important to your target audience,
and how can you demonstrate that with your business. The third thing is what is the goals, what
are the outcomes, and what are the results that your target audience is looking for when
they go to your business. When you understand these three things, you'll
be able to focus and really hone in on your marketing and also on growing your business,
'cause this is the foundation. How should they feel? People always remember that. People always go for feelings and they justify
with logic. Lead with emotions, lead with feelings, and
then use logic to be able to sell your product or service. Category is understanding where is their current
focus/attention. Where are they putting their time, and where
are they putting their mental focus? Look at the books. Where are the books that they're reading? What kind of books would they read? What are the conferences that they attend? What are the websites that they're already
spending their time on? What are the events that they go to? What types of hobbies do they have? What types of passions and things do they
focus on in their day to day life.

What are the things that really really do? You wanna really understand and hone in on
what are the attention and where the focus that they put in during the day to day life. When you understand this, you're able to target
them specifically on Facebook. You're targeting them with your content on
your website. You're targeting them on Google, with your
videos, with any type of marketing and any type of thing that you use to implement to
grow your business. So understanding these things is very important. The conferences, the books that they read,
the TV shows that they watch, what hobbies, what passions, what do they do during the
day to day life. What are the stuff that they use. Understanding that is the next step. The third core thing you really wanna understand
is what are the pain points and what are the struggles and challenges that you are, the
people that you're going for are experiencing. People do things for two reasons.

The first thing is they go through the process
of moving towards happiness, something good, something that they want to experience. Some joy, something that's good for their
life. The second thing is they move away from pain,
struggle, challenges. So you wanna identify what is happiness to
them. What is the result that they're going for? What's the outcome? The next thing is what is the pain that they're
moving from? What are they struggling with? What are the challenges? If you understand these two things, then everything
that you do will be much easier with your communication with them, and your marketing,
and growing your business. You want to identify is what is their options
that they have to be able to buy or achieve the results or the outcome that they're going
for, or avoid the pain, the struggle, their challenge. What are the options that are out in the marketplace? Basically, who are your competitors? Who are the people that they're buying from
already? Also, what are the different alternatives
that they can use to achieve the result? Let's say for example someone wants to lose

That's their pain point. They're overweight, or they're struggling
with their weight, or they might have a medical condition that struggles with their weight,
and they wanna lose weight. They wanna look better. They wanna feel better about themselves. They wanna move from the pain of being overweight
to becoming healthier. They wanna have a healthy lifestyle, too. For those types of people, what they wanna
focus on is they could be going to a gym membership is one solution.

Getting a gym membership, another solution
could be trying an exercise program at home. There's so many different solutions and options
for that specific moving away from the problem and then moving towards the result, that you
wanna narrow down and hone in on those things, and then really dive deeper into it. So that's the core thing. The next thing is what are their objections? What are the things they would object to when
they are potentially looking to buy your product or service? There could be things like, there's too expensive
or it's too cheap, or it could be time. I don't have the time to look at this product,
or I don't have the time to use it.

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It could be complexity. They're overwhelmed with so much information
and knowledge, how can you simplify it for them? Another thing could be you wanna identify
things that are struggling, that their challenges are before they move forward with buying your
product or service. There's so many different things, but usually
I can give you four right now: time, belief in themselves to be able to use your product
or service, belief in your product or service overall, and then also the money. These are four very common objections for
any product or service out there.

The fifth and final thing once you identify
all these four different categories that we covered, you wanna narrow it down. What is their age? Very specific things. What are the age, are they married, do they
have kids, where do they go to school, what kinda education, what's their income level,
do they own a house, do they not own a house. You wanna build almost multiple different
types of people, and being able to understand and really hone in on what that looks like. You wanna look at things like are the occupied,
where do they work, what are the criterias and different things that you wanna come up
with. You hone in on that, then you combine these,
you have what I call the ideal audience persona. Finally, one of the things to put this all
together, and I'm gonna give you a secret tip that I used, is to focus on interviewing
your 10 best customers or clients on the categories that we just said.

Find out and interview them and ask them questions
on what motivates them, what are the results they're looking for, what are the emotional
triggers. What are the challenges that they're experiencing? Where do they spend their time? Now if you're saying, "Hey, I'm just starting
out, "I don't have customers or clients," even better. Focusing on interviewing your ten best competitor's
customers and clients. You can go on sites like Amazon, you can go
on review sites like Trustpilot. There's so many different review sites for
your product or service that you're selling, that you can just reach out.

Even Google reviews, and just say, "Hey, John
or Julie, "I wanna just interview you. "I wanna understand more about you "because
I'm personally trying to create a product "or service or I have a product or service
out there, "and I wanna understand more about you, "and I wanna maybe give you a free sample
or a free product "so I can really help you add more value to you, "to help you solve
your problem "or help you achieve this result." So that's really a way to be able to do it,
either your competitors or either your own best clients and customers and then just interview.

Gather that data. It'll make this process so much easier, and
what you'll learn and the insights that you'll gain, will be priceless. The next thing to put this all together is,
the goal of this is once you understand all of this, you wanna communicate with your target
audience. That's all marketing is, is communicating
with your target audience, getting their attention, and communicating, having them understand,
have awareness about your business or brand, and buying from you ultimately.

You learned the foundation of a successful
business online and even marketing campaigns. So what you wanna do now is, I want you to
do three things. You can leave a comment below, click like
on this video, and subscribe to the channel right here. On the comment I want you to say just "yes"
if you're super excited that you know the foundations of a successful business online. Just say "yes" in the comments below. Another thing too is that, I personally am
just doing this, the reason that I'm doing this is to give back to the entrepreneurial
community, to give back to you. I wanna add value to you, I wanna share with
you, I wanna teach you. I don't make any money from this, I just wanna
build a community of people like us, so we can focus on really just growing together,
adding value, and being able to share our experiences and take our businesses to the
next level whether you're a startup or an established business.

Let's connect together, let's build this community
and take it to the next level. So thanks for watching, and I'll see you in
the next video. in the next video.

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