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successful email marketing requires tracking and measuring of your campaign's performance i'm darlene this is emily and we're going to share with you the three main email marketing stats to track there are three commonly tracked email statistics open rates click through rates and unsubscribes the open rate measures how many people actually clicked to open your email however it doesn't count as an open if the recipient doesn't allow the images to load this is important because not all email clients or apps automatically load images when your recipient checks the email they could technically see the content but if the images don't download it doesn't count as an open which means that you should avoid image only emails your click-through rate or ctr measures how many people clicked on one of the links in your email you can expect your click-through rate to be lower than your open rate your ctr is a good indication of how engaging your email is and can reflect how effectively you're using your links an easy way to boost your click-through is to make sure that your images and your banner all link back to your site the final stat you'll want to measure is the unsubscribe rate or the number of people who opt out of your email don't take unsubscribes personally and also don't assume that it means you've lost a customer some people just might not want to receive your emails anymore so if you're expecting your customers inbox and your content provides them with value you shouldn't have to worry about many unsubscribers tracking metrics like open rates click-through rates and unsubscribes is the best way to continue learning and improving your marketing efforts but bonus if you're using godaddy email marketing then there's a built-in dashboard that tracks all this for you i'm darlene this is emily and we'll catch you next time

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