3 DUMB Mistakes I’ve Made as an Entrepreneur (And How to Avoid Them)

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– As Einstein has said,
"Anyone that has never made "a mistake, has not tried anything new." But, look at you, you're
watching this video, you're improving, you're learning. You're not on Facebook
playing Candy Crush, wasting away your life. It gives you personal enjoyment but it does not define your success. And how can you become
successful in our crazy world? I want share with you the
mistakes that I've made and how you can be successful online. The first reason why most people fail is because they have a lack of focus on what they want to do.

They're not focused on
solidifying themselves on a specific platform. So, for example, my own personal focus is establishing myself on
YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. And also on my personal website. Those are the three core
channels of communication I focus on on social. And I make sure I go deep and establish myself very
solid on those bands. One of the big challenges
that a lot of business have, and entrepreneurs is they
have shiny object syndrome, you know they wanna focus on jumping on multiple different platforms,
multiple different things, the new fancy object, fancy social media, and then they start
jumping on these things, and then without going deep on it, they go very wide, but they establish a minimal, small following on those things and they don't go deep.

You want to go deep on
anything that you do. You want to have laser focus on it. That's one of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs who fail online do, is they don't go deep but they go wide and they wonder why because they keep jumping around
and jumping around. It's the analogy that for example if you're digging a hole
in a different place, you want to go deep, you know
there's gold at the bottom or you know there's water at the bottom, but you keep digging in
multiple different places, and at the end you have
100 holes and you've spent how much time, energy,
mental stress around, and you still haven't reached
the gold or the water.

But if you focus on just one spot and you go deep and deep and deep, go all the way to the bottom, and you have a much better chance of being able to find
that gold or that water that you want at the bottom. But the only way that you can do that is by going deep and
now you're going wide. So make sure that you have laser focus on the core platforms or the core things that you wanna do in everything
related to your business. The second biggest mistake,
and the main reason why entrepreneurs and businesses fail online, even if they're generating
a million dollars, or six figures a year, this causes them to not
last, and they fail for sure.

They have a short term
focus on what they wanna do, and they wanna monetize on their audience right away, immediately. They're so short term,
and they're so tactical, that all they wanna do is
they wanna drive traffic, sell affiliate offers, all
the stuff that you hear, you know drop shipping,
FBA, whatever it is that gets to the money in
the shortest amount of time. Now the people that are
selling you these courses, selling you these ideas,
it's almost as bad as the biggest scam in
the world, passive income. So one of the core
things you wanna focus on is not focusing on a short term thing, short term result, short term money gain.

Focus on the long term, that's how you're gonna be successful. You wanna make sure that you have income, you wanna build a successful businesss that lasts five, ten,
15, 20 years from today, or even into your whole lifetime. And the way you do that is not by reaching out to an audience, telling them to give you money, using scarcity, using
urgency, and I've seen it all. I've seen all the people
that people do all these fake scarcity, fake
offers, cheap discounts in order to get the money up
front, to get the money now, reoccurring subscriptions that don't end so they can basically bill a ton of money. I even know one person that was making 100 million dollars a
year in the fitness space that basically charged, they
were renewable subscription for one dollar into a plan,
and then they kept charging the person's credit card for months. Turned out to obviously be a scam, and I don't respect or
know that person any more. But obviously they
focused on just monetizing and be able to create that money.

pexels photo 262508

Now I'm not saying that
you should do that, but one of the core things is do not focus on the short term, focus on the long-term, don't monetize on your
audience right away, add value, build that
relationship, give them value. Focus on the results that they
want, solve their problems, and develop a long-term business. I mean think about it, right? If you're building an online business, all these people, they don't
know anything about you, they don't know anything
about the business, they don't know who you are,
they don't have the trust, they don't have the relationship, they don't know, like, or trust you.

You wanna establish these three things: Know, Like, and Trust with that person. Or the audience that you're going for. And in order to do that they can't even see you face to face, so
how can you expect them to put their hard-earned
money through the internet to be able to buy your
product or services? You wanna be able to cultivate it. And that's how you build
a long-term relationship.

I have not met one
entrepreneur, one business, that has built a successful business focusing on just monetizing
the audience in the short term. Sure, it might look like
they're making money now. I guarantee you, and I've seen this multiple different times,
they build a business, and eventually they fail
and they lose money. And I did this before back in
before when I was in Teamings, I focused on just getting the
money right away, up front, and it cost me even more in the long term. So you want to focus
on the long-term aspect of your business, whatever it is that you want to do
online, or even offline. The third mistake and one of the reasons why most entrepreneurs fail, is they are so tactical focused. They really just do, what is the next, they're thinking what
about what is the next technology, is it this Facebook post, is it this new ad that they should run, is it this new platform,
is it this new software they should use to be able to collect their e-mails if this is new.

New technology this and that,
all these different things, and they're tactical. They just focus on the short term stuff, they focus on just platform
and stuff and technology, thinking that it is going
to make a difference. I'm here to tell you that technology doesn't trump human behavior. It does not trump results, it
does not trump your success. You do not want to focus on technology, because that has very little to do with how successful you're going to be.

Principles, undersigning the
foundations of success online, driving traffic, getting
leads, generating sales, or the whole different
categories, copy writing, digital advertising, branding,
positioning, strategy, or everything that's in the
Digital Marketing University on my website are things
that are principles and foundations that are
going to be successful. It's going to be here, it
was here 100 years ago, thousands of years ago,
it's going to be here today, and it's going to be there
in the future as well. Focus on things that have tried and true and that's always going to be there and not on technology that's
always going to change. Build the foundation of your business, because that's how
you're going to be solid and how you're going to be successful..

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