2022 Video Benchmarks for Business

May 17, 2022·13 min read

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We analyzed the creation, viewing, and engagement data of over 1.3 million videos to compile our 2022 Video in Business Benchmark Report. Use this intel to see how you stack up so you can stand out.

Thought 2020 would be the high-water mark for video? Think again. Even though 2021 saw organizations starting their return toward business as usual, video uptake only continued to grow.

After buyers were thrust into virtual-first purchasing experiences during the pandemic, many concluded that they actually prefer buying remotely.

What does that mean for business teams, even as the world returns to normal? So far, there hasn’t been—and likely won’t be—a snap back to the pre-pandemic status quo. New tools and approaches are necessary to reach and convert customers.

Here are the key shifts we’ve seen supported by our benchmark findings for 2022:

  1. User-generated video continues to dominate over traditionally produced video content
  2. More organizations are leaning on video analytics to realize the true impact of their video content
  3. Companies of all sizes are creating more video internally vs. relying on external resources

As the use of video increases, it’s important to have benchmarks to guide best practices, identify opportunities, and evaluate success. That’s why we created the fifth annual Video in Business Benchmark Report, which analyzes businesses’ use of video to support sales, marketing, and communication efforts.

2022 Video in Business Benchmark Report

Video in Business Benchmark Report 2022 Video in Business Benchmark Report Know where you stand, so you can stand out. Get the insights you need to craft a video strategy that works. Get the Report