20 killer tips to create a million dollar online store (6-10)

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what is going on everybody j.r fisher here it 
is wednesday september 8th 2021 i hope you're   doing fantastic today hope you're feeling good 
and if you are be thankful that you're healthy   right because there's a lot of people not healthy 
that covered things going around whoops i said the   word i shouldn't say that word but that illness 
is going around a lot of people are getting sick   uh and you can have whatever political opinions 
you want but gosh it does make people sick and   it's not a good thing so you want to take whatever 
precautions you feel are necessary um so i want to   welcome everybody today we are continuing on our 
session today there's actually four days of this   training uh it's 20 killer tips to create million 
dollar online store uh and today is going to be   six to ten uh tomorrow would be 11 to 15 and 
then friday would be 16 to 20.

Look i did that   i pulled that off but good morning everybody 
hey tyan what's going on uh good to see you   uh and the rest of the crew hanging out here 
that's that's right we're starting to build up   um you know as we get started you know people 
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anything we don't want you to miss a thing we want   you to get everything that you've paid for uh wait 
you didn't pay anything that's okay we still want   you to get it all okay um so today i'm going to 
go through more steps now just so you know to give   you some background i've been selling online since 
2009 i've sold millions of dollars of both digital   and physical products and i was i was bragging 
a little bit yesterday but i had a sale the day   before for 69 000 i think it was like 50 some odd 
dollars short of 70 000 sale for one sale one sale   now that's not my average sale i will tell you but 
my average sale is between like 500 and a thousand   dollars so i don't have to sell too many items 
a month uh if you want to know what i do sell   i own a survival food company we do survival 
foods however that's not the only thing we sell   i do courses i have courses on facebook on 
drop shipping on e-commerce on shopify on email   programs i have all kinds of different courses 
i've done so i do that i do have a e-business   toolbox we can give you access to a lot of this 
for a low monthly fee uh and if you want to check   that out there should be a link in the description 
later on i'm not selling on this but i just will   let you know about that so i'm not talking to 
you guys uh from lack of experience okay i've   been doing this a long long time over a decade 
now which is insane to me because i just can't   believe i've been doing it this long i still talk 
to people from a business that i used to be in and   uh man they're all unhappy well actually it's 
the automotive business and of course they're   going to be unhappy uh that's a tough business to 
be in right now they you know it's like the car   business is really kind of funny it's like when 
you have a lot of sales and things are going good   you normally can't get inventory and then you can 
get a lot of inventory nobody's buying anything so   it's like it's just it's it's just difficult it 
really is hey paul what's going on buddy uh just   fyi audio was better yesterday huh that's weird 
because it's the same audio there's no difference   uh but it is what it is right we got this is 
the audio we've got today so you can compare   it to uh yesterday um i am going to probably 
start putting some external microphones on here   right now we're using a logitech camera uh and 
we're using i think the audio on that i don't know   there's a couple different audios here let me just 
check my microphone here and i will check my audio   to see what we got going on default macbook pro 
let me see if i can switch it to get a better one   okay is that audio any better let me know 
if that audio is any better i did switch it   to the logitech one um so it may have a better 
audio or it may have a worse audio i'm not sure   but i do want to get on with the other steps 
today guys um just so you understand this is   four days of training on how to have a million 
dollar e-commerce store uh and any one of you   can do it don't think you can't do it um i was 
on the phone with somebody the other day and   they were saying well you know you're special and 
you're different i'm no i'm not no i'm not nobody   is it's just a matter of what you're learning 
to do uh and guys let me know on that audio i   have switched it to a different microphone uh so 
i do want to see if that microphone's any better   because i want you guys have the best quality 
you possibly can uh and the best experience you   possibly can so make make sure you post in that 
chat box there uh if it is better if it's not   better i'll switch back to the other microphone 
but i did switch it let me get a sip here that's my uh saying of the day okay because it's 
every day uh i went to the gym last night before   we get started i'll just kind of tell you it 
was funny i wanted to do a really strong workout   yesterday so i got there and when i got there 
some people were they were already working out   and then they left and then more people came and 
then they left and more people came and they left   and i got down to a point where i was the only 
person there and several sets of people had come   and left so i knew i'd been there a long time i 
think i was there right around two hours maybe a   little over two hours uh which uh was a long 
workout but um i got a lot done i'm doing a   david goggins uh let's see uh maybe a hair what 
would paul say here maybe a hair less echoey uh   audio a little better less tin sound okay um thank 
you for letting me know that so i'll use this um   microphone here on um this this camera okay the 
name of logitech uh and we'll do that okay so   let's jump into this guys uh take some notes i 
think that's a great idea um because it's hard   to it's hard to remember all this you can come 
back and you can watch this later on don't think   you can't do that but you know while you're doing 
it it's like the way the mind works is if you hear   something you're going to remember a portion of it 
if you write something you're going to remember a   portion of it but if you hear it and write it down 
you're gonna remember a whole lot more of them so   you know that's a great way to do it so number six 
we did one through five yesterday number six is   you might not want to hear this but you do have to 
invest in your business advertise on social media   advertise on social media social media is 
really king right now okay it's not television   um it's not and you know i understand social 
media encompasses a lot of things it encompasses   youtube it encompasses facebook and instagram and 
linkedin uh and i don't know i don't know if tick   tock has i don't do tick tock so i can't talk 
about it um but social media really has grasped   the world um in a way that nothing else 
ever has so when when i say social media   i have a lot of people that will come to me 
and they'll say well should i use facebook   should i use twitter should i use instagram what 
should i use and my answer is always the same   i don't know the thing you've got to do really um 
is you got to figure out where your audience is   and um there's two ways of doing that you can go 
out there and just start searching and looking and   trying to figure it out or you can run ads on all 
the different platforms and see which one performs   better i kind of like the latter of the two and 
the reason i like the latter of the two is that   you may come to assumptions when you do research 
you may think that one particular platform is the   one for you and you may be wrong i can't count how 
many times i've been wrong on figuring out ads so   i like to just test it uh and some of you say well 
geez if you spend money on all these platforms jr   you're going to be wasting some money and that 
is true uh but it costs money to figure out what   works that's just the way it is that's how online 
marketing works is you spend money on a lot of   different things a lot of different creatives a 
lot of different pictures to figure out the one   that really really works it would be great if 
you could you know just spend money and never   ever lose money and everything you did worked but 
i understand we we have a decided advantage with   social media uh and the reason is that paul says 
i think the idea of investing in your business   is overwhelming for people so they do nothing yeah 
and you know what's so funny they will spend money   on so many different things on eating out i mean 
you go out to dinner we went out to dinner there   night to this fancy place in downtown austin and 
they had these little tiny appetizer type things   and they talked about how this yak goat walked 
around the mountain and they fitted different   kinds of grass and different kinds of cheese 
came out just all a bunch of bs but it was four   of us and we got some little appetizers my wife 
and i didn't have any drinks the people we were   with each had a drink uh and it was 315 now if you 
took 315 and spread that over three social medias   you may take in thousands of dollars but you 
don't think twice about spending 100 or 200   on dinner and you're gonna have nothing to 
show for it and i'm not saying don't don't   go out to dinner but think about the stuff you 
spend money on and you don't bat an eye over it   um if you invest some money in advertising and ads 
and i also have a course on facebook ads if you   want to check that out it'll be in the description 
but you know if if you have that stuff out there   and you have those ads out there you can maybe 
figure out what's going on advertising on social   media channels um is a powerful way to connect 
with lots of potential customers in creative   ways and fun ways um social media advertising 
can be anything from simple facebook feed posts   to you know taco shaped lens on on snapchat 
you can do all kinds of different things   so understand you're gonna have to invest some 
money use tools okay use the tools that are   out there like google analytics to track which 
channels your target uh customers you are using   most and focus on marketing efforts on those 
platforms now it used to be we didn't have the   internet and you think about advertising in the 
olden days you know when we advertise on newspaper   and television and radio you you would spend money 
on that and somebody would spend money for six   months or a year or whatever it was and they don't 
know if they got any business on you'll never know   you know you put a billboard up and how do you 
know that somebody came into your business or how   do you know that somebody bought something of a 
billboard you don't at least with social media you   know when you run an ad you know how many people 
clicked on it you know how many people converted   so it it's really really a good investment but 
everybody's just so scared of spending money on   ads and i don't know why it can return you just 
millions of dollars literally if you do it right   uh let's see uh see agreed uh paul i'm feeling 
that uh with trying to figure out all of the tech   my brain is exploding one bite at a time one 
little tiny nibble at a time um yeah you know   and it's like like anything that you want to 
learn you know if you want to learn how to swim   you know across a pool and that that's 
going to be hard but you take little   little bites of time you learn how to float 
you learn how to paddle you learn how to kick   and and selling stuff online is the same way 
excuse me any business requires the investment and   online is still cheapest way to get involved in 
yes it is i mean if you were to open a restaurant   okay we're not talking e-commerce store anymore 
you open a restaurant you open a hair salon   or a nail salon or whatever it is man you can 
invest thousands and thousands and thousands of   dollars and you don't even know if you're gonna 
remain in business most businesses fail within   the first three years so online you could try 
a lot of things and not really spend much money   if you get confused uh by the relativity 
the new terrain of social media there's   all kinds of things you can check out you can 
you can look at my other videos on this channel   um you can look at uh um some of the courses i 
have there's all kinds of things you can check out   um so some of the things you can do the social 
media marketing allows for a lot of creativity   so try to implement the personality of your 
key buyers into your ads how do they act what   do they talk like what are they dressed like 
you know you got to know that use social media   analytics to track the success of your ads 
and perform strategies on how you can improve   future promotions um i mean guys you've got 
you've got so much stuff you can do right now what's paul saying here paul is saying 
the speed of online marketing is amazing   the speed at which you can split test 
is incredible compared to offline yeah   i mean i can know within one day one day you know 
if you were to add a newspaper or a tv commercial   or something like that you never know but on an 
ad i put online one day i know i can spend 10   20 bucks and i can get results how about that 
all right the next thing we're gonna move on   to that was number six uh spend some money on 
social media or for advertising number seven   number seven is a big one and it's number seven 
is long term however number seven will bring   you returns for years okay and number seven is a 
useful seo driven blog a useful seo driven blog   and in case you don't know what seo is it's search 
engine optimization when you write a blog you're   going to pick certain keywords to have in that 
blog and this can also be a vlog which i guess   is kind of what i'm doing right now this is a 
vlog it's a video blog right i'm teaching you   something i'm going through these steps but 
it's it's it's based on a video right but a   running a blog is an opportunity to generate more 
store traffic on a daily basis posts that contain   seo keywords and contain useful information for 
consumers are likely to rank high in search engine   results don't rip off somebody else that's 
the first thing i'm going to say don't copy   somebody else's blog do your own um you know it 
doesn't have to be long it could be like five six   seven paragraphs that's all it really has to 
be and when you're doing this seo driven blog   make sure you use the keywords that are going to 
pull people in what are they searching for you can   use uh tools like keyword tool by google and you 
can type in some of your keywords and figure out   what people are searching for i always tell people 
um to use long tail keywords long tail keywords so   an example would be uh if i were to do a blog 
and i had short tail keywords it would say   survival food okay my dog's barking in the 
background because we have some repair guys   that are showing up right now um but um so that 
so survival food would be short tail okay but   if i put in there sure if i put in there uh canned 
meat for uh if i put canned beef for survival food   um survival okay that's a pretty long tail keyword 
thing but if i put that in there and somebody was   typing that in my blog is going to come up at 
the top because it's a long tail you have better   chances of actually uh matching up with these 
long tail keywords then you do short tail keywords   because so many people are trying for the short 
tail keywords so go for the long tail ones uh   let's see here how did you narrow down your avatar 
for your customers do you do you do a written blog   or just the video blogs i don't do much written 
anymore but i am going to get back to that paul   i think that's that's a component that we're 
missing especially on the survival side i will   tell you you know we have one thing that really 
hurts um our uh want to generate traffic and our   our want to generate traffic is hurt by one thing 
and this is the one thing that will hurt you too   is a terrible amount of success and what i mean 
by that is we have so much sales right now it's   hard for me to go over and concentrate on trying 
to get more sales when we have a lot of sales and   that sounds crazy but you know every day i wake 
up to thousands and thousands of dollars of sales   and it's like oh i should work on the blog so i 
can get more ah there's so many things i want to   work on uh and i have so many different sites you 
guys may not realize that but i operate a whole   bunch of different sites and my wife has sites um 
so we do need to work on that paul we definitely   need to work on that we haven't done it enough 
uh and i think the end of this year probably   beginning of next year we'll hit that more a blog 
is also a medium to connect with your audiences   on a really deep level okay they can get to know 
you um seeing how customers respond to the content   that you produce can inform your strategies for 
meeting buyers needs wants that type of thing   and something else you said in here paul the 
way we found our avatar um really uh over the   years we've got we've got a lot of sales uh and i 
think when we look at our audience who've already   bought that kind of tells us who they are because 
we are we already have buyers um so we're lucky   in that respect not all of you are going to have 
that you're not going to have you know tons of   sales that you can just look back through and go 
oh that's the person but since we do have that   we can go back and we could target those types 
of people those demographics because we actually   have that from past buyers uh let's see it makes 
sense i think it will do more of the video style   in youtube as well i want to see you do a video 
tyan i haven't seen you do a video let's see you   do one uh paul i want to see you do a video guys 
jump on this video thing i mean you're going to   kick yourself in five years when you look back and 
saw what you could have done i know i'm putting   out a lot of videos at this point and i'm seeing 
real growth you guys don't see my end of it but i   have these analytics and i see the the ad revenue 
that is being generated by all these videos i'm   doing like right now i'm live and you guys aren't 
interrupted by ads which is great unless you're   watching this recorded and you are interrupted by 
ads but the thing is every time i do a video it's   like another real estate out there uh and i don't 
want to get off track here because we're getting   to number eight we've done six and seven but it's 
like having it's like having a rental property out   there it generates money for me every month every 
time i do a new video um i got one video out there   that's made me i don't know 200 300 bucks in 
the past 28 days one video now you think about   that you say well it's only two three hundred 
bucks yeah but i have over a thousand videos   okay i have over a thousand videos so at this 
point here it's really increased and let's move on   to number eight now number eight is a really good 
one and i did this in a really big fashion a few   years ago and i'm probably going to do it again 
but it's build buyer trust with product reviews   i got people to review my products i got them 
to send in a little short video 30 second video   maybe 20 second video and i use those on my site 
now the way i did that was i sent out an email to   everybody and i said hey i'm doing a contest 
uh and if you do a video first off i'm gonna   give you a coupon for like you know 20 bucks 50 
bucks whatever it is for just sending in a video   and then i'm also going to put you in a drawing 
for 500 worth of survival food so when i do that   um that got people to do a lot of videos and 
i hope guys can you hear my dog barking in the   background we have workers out there she's going 
crazy uh so number eight is build buyer trust   with product reviews let me know if you can hear 
my dog just put in there she's barking like just   a banshee out there um as a beginner should we 
do lives with zero followers or subscribers 100   how else are they going to find you if you 
don't start doing them when you start doing   them you're going to be shocked now listen 
listen when you're going to do a live in the   beginning there's probably nobody listening nobody 
listening uh and i've had that before there's   nobody listening but the thing is once you've 
done that live it sets on facebook it sets well   not so much on facebook because it kind of falls 
down the feed nobody ever sees it but it sets on   youtube and that same video could be watched 
tonight or tomorrow or next week or next month   i have a video that's on there that i did years 
ago and it still gets thousands and thousands   of views so don't worry about not having an 
audience speak to people as if they're there   okay and when they show up they'll understand that 
feeling that you're really trying to help them   and that's the thing to do videos to help people 
don't do videos just to sell stuff all the time   it's okay to mention that you sell stuff there's 
nothing wrong with that uh and that's why we're   here just to sell stuff i mean i'm here to sell 
stuff however i try to do about 90 maybe play 95   of my content just to help people so if you're 
actually helping people that will come across   um so do these product reviews get people to 
review your stuff you know you can even offer   them a free product if you want to do reviews i 
know uh jessica my wife gets all kinds of products   sent to her because she's in dog training and all 
these companies that have all these pet products   want to send her a product so they can get a 
review done on her channel she gets a lot of free   products for that uh so focused on your content 
dog barking doesn't bother okay good let's see uh   yes she's excited very cool okay so product 
reviews are more convincing than there are   plentiful okay to encourage more feedback don't 
be shy about asking customers to leave a review   after making a purchase now i like to reward them 
with a coupon i like to reward them with maybe a   contest where they can win something um customers 
who are satisfied with their product uh won't   often even consider a review because everything 
is already fine most people that do reviews are   people who are complaining if you think about 
it you know if you if you go online and you buy   something and they send you the product you 
receive it on time you don't go oh my god i   want to go do a review and let everybody know how 
great that was they won't they won't it's hard to   get reviews unless you ask for it and you reward 
them for it let me get a sip here real quick so you want to make sure you ask them indicate 
the average rating and number of reviews at the   top of each product page and the button where you 
display the content of the reviews to increase the   feedback's visibility so you want to do that you 
want to have these reviews there there's a lot of   plugins there's a lot of extensions if you're 
using something like magento they're called   extensions on on wordpress i think they're called 
plugins i don't know but they call it different   things but they're little pieces of software 
that can help you do this stuff uh next thing   next thing number nine number nine is something 
that's so forgotten people did this years ago and   now they've just canned it they really don't do it 
but make your website seo friendly that's number   nine make your website seo friendly now people 
thought years ago well i'll do seo and i'll get   a lot of traffic and they did and it worked uh and 
now they're like ah no point in doing seo because   you know so many people have sites now and there's 
so many pages that i'm never going to get from the   top page nothing could be true further from the 
truth because so many people have neglected seo   you do have better chances nowadays and the thing 
is if you use long tail keywords like what i told   you earlier you're gonna do really well uh paul 
says is there a good length to do product reviews   definitely want to try uh the beef you have 
okay sure i'll send you one out uh paul and you   do a review for me okay if i send you out a can 
will you do a review for me i'll send you a can   free of charge uh but you gotta do a good review 
and actually i would say a good review uh is maybe   20 seconds 30 seconds max uh you really don't need 
a long one uh and i think a lot of people are so   concerned um and here's the other thing here's the 
other thing and i'm on seo friendly uh for number   nine but i want to go back to this review thing 
real quick when you ask for a review tell the   people what you would like to review so i i may 
say to somebody hey you bought a case of canned   beef will you do me a favor and do a review of the 
packaging will you do a review of the contents we   do a review of the flavor will you do a review 
of the quality of it if you would hit those four   things for me i would really appreciate 
it now somebody knows what to talk about   otherwise they're going to get up there and go um 
yeah i bought this can of meat this is pretty good   you know so you want to you want to say these are 
the four things i'd like for you to hit so make it   really easy for them to do a review kind of give 
them an outline these are the four things i'd like   you to do these are the five things i'd like 
for you to do and then when you get the review   back trim out all the fat okay get rid of the ums 
and oz and all the kind of mistakes and stuff and   then you may say at the end what benefit did you 
get from this product um so if they hit all those   things if they answer all those questions you've 
now got a good review but you've got to help them   you've got to help them so we're back to this 
make your site seo friendly which is number nine   make sure your site is okay i don't wanna get into 
that yet that's something i have that i'm coming   up on uh okay so um your online store has to 
receive traffic in order to purchase for purchases   to happen the key to generating traffic search 
engine optimization guys by acquiring this is free   you don't have to spend money on this this is just 
your time by incorporating seo keywords into your   product titles and descriptions your site is more 
likely to rank higher in search engine results   the increased visibility is the key ingredient 
for greater site visits and more conversions   if you're unsure about how to find seo friendly 
keywords or how to incorporate them into your   store check out some of these softwares are out 
there there's tons of software's out there you   can use google uh keyword finder there's all kinds 
of just just google that you'll find stuff uh neil   patel has some good stuff um uh syed balcke has 
some good stuff check out some of their stuff   so other things you can do use seo tools to find 
keywords that have high enough monthly search   volumes and low enough keyword difficulty for your 
site to work okay so you want to look at that high   search term low competition type in seo keywords 
you're considering adding to your product pages   to see which results you're competing with find 
out who your competitors are you can look at the   the view source page and you can see the 
keywords they put on their site okay if the   results are major sites consider changing your 
term to something less competitive so you know   if you're trying to compete oh gosh let me let me 
try to think of a product here put me on the spot   with amazon okay that's a tough one to compete 
with okay so you want to find maybe smaller sites   um is it helpful as a consumer to have ideas on 
what to comment on uh is it helpful as a consumer   to have ideas on what to comment on not quite sure 
what you're saying there tyan i've watched a ton   of tutorials and still struggling putting together 
my cartridge site feeling pretty damn stupid don't   don't don't don't you know i think we forget 
we forget all of the things we've accomplished   compare the tie-in today to the one that had 
done nothing online i mean hadn't sent emails   hadn't built anything hadn't done any research and 
look at how far ahead you are we tend to forget   all of the stuff we've been through um i'm 
doing this uh push-up thing that i i saw from   david goggins and what it is is you do a set 
number of push-ups uh he does 17 i'm doing 12.

On   the minute every minute for 10 minutes um and so 
if you do 12 if i do 12 i'm doing 120 pushups last   night i did four no i did 12 sets of 12 and one of 
them i had 14 so it was 12 144 i did 146 push-ups   now i can look at that and go well i can't do 
what david goggins does because david goggins   he does 2 000 push-ups he says 2 000. 
so it's so easy for me to compare to him   but i forget back there was a time when i 
couldn't do 10 push-ups okay and now i can   do 146. so i think we tend to forget all of the 
pain and agony you've been through already to   get to where you are don't beat yourself up 
because you don't know everything don't beat   yourself up because you can't do 2000 push-ups 
don't beat yourself up for that think of where   you started which was nowhere everybody starts 
at nowhere i started it nowhere okay maybe you   started it nowhere everybody starts at nowhere 
nobody is born with online knowledge nobody is   so just take it in small increments you're 
doing the right thing right now you're watching   some training right now that can increase your 
knowledge i mean you know put in there did you   learn something so far today and i've got number 
ten i'm gonna hit get two um but put in there   if you learned something today and if so you're 
better off than you were yesterday okay so i mean   think of it that way uh number 10 number 10 number 

pexels photo 7788009

And paul paul i got to call you out on this   you ruin this number 10 is ensure your store is 
mobile responsive paul already put it in there so   i didn't read it because i don't want you guys 
to know uh but those of you who are alive are   seeing this video so you know make sure it's 
mobile responsive now when you're doing sales   pages when you're doing opt-in pages all these 
things need to be mobile responsive and that's   why i tell you to get cartro because cartridge 
automatically makes everything mobile responsive   and you can click a button and see what it's going 
to look like on a mobile device on a um what is   this thing here an ipad what that's not what they 
call it though they don't call it ipads they call   um shoot slip in my mind see there i do this every 
day and i can't think of it they'll let you know   what it looks like on a laptop or a desktop 
so in karcher they make it responsive for you   mobile shopping accounts for about 30 percent of 
online purchases last year and i can tell you 70   70 of the people that are online we have the 
workers out there just driving my dog crazy   but um 70 of people viewing my products 
for survival cave food or on mobile devices   uh not ipad tablet tablet thank you ty and 
i was going crazy here tablet tablets what   i was thinking of all right see there you know 
something i don't know tyan i didn't know it   was called a tablet i kind of did i forgot uh 
mobile shopping is the wave of the future okay   this is increasing uh 2020 mobile shopping uh will 
account for about 45 of all e-commerce shopping   so if your pages if your website is not mobile 
friendly then of course you're not going to do   well with the growing use of phones for online 
shopping merchants have to ensure that their site   design is mobile friendly to make sure buyers can 
make purchases no matter what device you're using   tac savvy sellers and yes you could be tech 
savvy tech savvy i'll get it right i can check   operating system requirements like the the ios 
guidelines to ensure that their site is responsive   merchants can also use online store design 
templates that are already set to mobile response   to make the site device friendly like i say 
kartra there will be a link for cartridge in the   description you can click that link you can watch 
the video you can see what it does if you like it   and you use my link i am an affiliate you can get 
it for one dollar um so so other things you can do   opt for vertical designs over horizontal designs 
for easier scrolling and viewing of your content   understand people hold their phone like this okay 
they don't hold it like this normally they hold it   like this and they scroll so make sure that your 
content is going to work for them test out your   store make sure it's mobile responses by loading 
it to a phone excuse me a lot of people will make   something and go man i hope it looks good i 
don't know if it's going to look good we'll   pull it up on your phone and check it out all you 
got to do is look at it it's not that hard to do load it on your own phone have your friends 
loaded ask them how easy it is to go through it   um that's really all you've got to do 
um so i've i've got 10 i got 10 down   and i'm at uh 9 31 so i'm sticking to that 30 
minutes here i feel like the training here is   incredible because you walk the talk and your 
information is current well thank you so much paul   i appreciate it i do i do what uh first off 
here's what i do before i decide what i'm going   to train you guys on i have to have made sure i 
did it myself and got good results because i've   done some things i didn't get good results i'm not 
gonna teach you that i may tell you not to do that   but all i'm doing is giving you what i do every 
day you know this it's pretty easy to train you   guys i can i can just sit here and say hey these 
are the things that work do these things and what   i'm trying to do here guys is i've made a lot of 
mistakes so you know i may try nine things and one   works and then i say okay that one thing i'm going 
to put into a video and i'm going to share it with   people um so what i've done is i've gone through 
all the pain and mistakes don't think i don't make   mistakes don't think i don't have failures because 
i do okay so when you have a failure just chalk it   up to hey jr has them too i get it we all have 
failures but that's how you learn new things is   by trying new things that's how you get there uh 
whether whether it's a push-up which i'm working   on vigilantly i'm really working on those push-ups 
and i've got my pull-up bar out here from my other   house in california i've got to get that secured 
and get back to pull-ups um crazy thing for a   61-year-old guy to work on right uh but that's 
what i want to do that's what i want to get good   at really good at uh so that's what i'm going to 
work on how often have you changed the website for   your food well it's it's funny thing with magento 
paul every few years they have a new version of   magento and we have to transfer it over to the 
new version we make changes on it all the time   but the major change moving into another platform 
every single year excuse me another version every   not every single year but every two or three 
years it's just required if i don't do that   like the last version update we couldn't accept 
paypal until you've moved it to the new version   just couldn't do it couldn't accept paypal 
uh sometimes some of the security measures   quit working on the other one so you have to 
if you have a magento site you're investing in   something that's going to cost you some money on 
down the road it's good for us it works for us   not for everybody i i don't recommend a 
magento site for most of you out there getting   started e-commerce i would recommend shopify and 
i would recommend cartridge and coupling those   two together uh let's see here how far in advance 
do you try things and then share your experience   well i'm trying things every single day uh and as 
i try things every single day when i hit on things   that work then i'll come and share it with you 
um so it's not really it's not like i'm gonna try   10 things and share one of them with these people 
uh when i figure out which one of these 10 things   works i try things every single day and when 
things work out then i put it into my training so   that's basically it there's no there's no set time 
or a rhyme or reason to this is something i do   um so yeah so today is wednesday so what are you 
gonna do today how much how much more knowledge   how much better of a person will you be tomorrow 
morning when you wake up what are you gonna do   to improve yourself today and i ask myself 
this question every day too what am i going   to do different that i didn't do yesterday or 
the day before what am i going to do to be a   better person tomorrow morning now you could 
be a better person by helping somebody out um   we had somebody in the neighborhood the other day 
that had a family member um that needed insulin   uh and she didn't know how to give a shot to this 
person i'm an ex-emt i know how to do that i said   hey i'll stop by and i'll do it for you i'll show 
you how to do that so what have you done which my   screen just blanked out what have you done or what 
are you going to do to become a better person and   it doesn't always have to be money related it 
can be all kinds of different things you can do   i try to do money related and personal things 
too to be a better person to get more results i   try to create something every single day i created 
this video today is it enough no it's not enough   i'm going to go create more stuff today because 
i want to create and this is the key i want to   create more than i consume i want to create more 
than i consume i need to consume because i need to   learn things okay i want to consume because i want 
to be entertained some and i need to create every   single day more than i consume so my consumption 
will be educational type videos i'll watch   my consumption will be you know i don't know 
cooking videos or travel videos i like to watch   that but that is way less than the time i spent 
creating videos way less than the time i spend   creating new products and that type of thing so 
i hope that helped you out a little bit today uh   did my walk and light workout this morning good 
ty and good uh keep trying to combat confusion   i love it paul says thanks for training 
today hope everyone has a blessed week ahead   uh so that's it that's it guys we're done for 
today i'll be back tomorrow tomorrow is 11 through   15.

One two three four five tomorrow is eleven 
three fifteen friday is going to be 16 to 20 and   sun saturday guys you don't want to miss 
saturday saturday is going to be a tribute to   9 11 it will be 9 11 and i'm going to tell you 
some things you probably don't know about 9 11   some things that are going on now uh it's going 
to be a really interesting session uh i'll also   talk about how uh it has affected online sales and 
that type of thing uh and and what you can take   advantage from it okay some people say we should 
never take advantage of a tragedy uh well that's   not true at all i mean you know when when a plane 
crashes uh because it's a bad model airplane they   don't just go let's give up flying they go let's 
try to improve that let's try to make that better   let's try to learn from that and that's what we're 
going to do on saturday we're going to learn from   that we're going to we're going to get some 
insights and stuff you didn't know about and of   course we're going to run a tribute to all those 
people who died in 9 11.

So thank you so much i   appreciate you being here today uh let's see here 
my biggest takeaway from these trainings is take   massive amounts of action yeah action is it ideas 
ideas are nothing you know so many people come up   with great ideas they never act on them so what 
what value does it have um action on a mediocre   idea is a whole lot better than no action on a 
great idea think about that action on a mediocre   idea is a whole of it i mean i had action when 
i first started out selling cell phone cases and   it was a horrible idea uh and the products didn't 
sell and i didn't make any money but that action   taught me stuff so i learned how to sell stuff 
online so take action take action listen to paul   take action thanks so much for being here guys 
let me switch over to my other screen real quick   it's my there it is my stream yard screen uh thank 
you tyan um thank you everybody for uh being here   don't forget to subscribe if you haven't done so 
give me a thumbs up if all of you now would just   take a second just a second and click that thumbs 
up you have no idea how much that helps that helps   so much don't forget to ring the bell turn all 
bell notifications so you're notified each and   every time i go live uh yeah so that's it you 
guys have a great day and i'll see you tomorrow if i can figure out how to stop this thing 
there we go there we go finding the button and

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