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What's up guys Jason Wardrop here in this video. I'm gonna walk through and break down the number one facebook marketing agency for Realtors to be able to go through and help you with your real estate lead generation now I'm gonna go through and I'm gonna cover a few different options that you might have but as far as real estate lead generation goes and worked on your facebook marketing and I'm going to break down the pros and the cons to each one of those so let's Just jump into things, so let's just go through and break down first kind of your local market here alright So we're gonna hit as you can see here the pros and cons of each so what you can do if you're like saying okay? I'm a realtor.

I need help with my lead generation. I need to go through around Facebook Ads I don't really know how to do it You can obviously go through and learn it yourself But obviously that takes a little bit of time to go through and learn it, so let's say you're in that position We're like hey I just want to hire somebody out because I'm best out in front of clients working with them one-on-one So you could go through and say hey, I'm gonna go find a local agency someone that works here locally Maybe somebody does kind of freelance stuff and the great thing is there's some pros about this right you They're familiar with your community. Okay. They know all the cities.

They know the suburbs they know the surrounding community They know all these different things and they can actually go through and and meet you at your office Or if they have office sometimes they do sometimes they don't but you can actually go through and meet with them at their office So you can have that in-person? personal contact and it's super beneficial, right Now some of the cons. This is just my experience because we've been doing this for a few years now And so I know a lot of the different competitors out there I know I've met with a lot of friends that run kind of their own local Marketing agency whether it's for realtors or for any other type of small business Lots of times they're getting started and honestly if you're in the market world Facebook Ads really is not too tough like anyone can go in and create a Facebook ad and they can go through and try something out and So a lot of times what happens is all these little local marketing agencies They pop up out of nowhere, but they don't really have too much experience so what you can see right here many times It's literally just trou NER okay, and obviously like sometimes They're out in front right at the beginning with you, and they say hey, I'm just gonna go through you Don't have to charge.

You don't have to pay me anything just Spend the Facebook advertising money but then you're kind of like basically paying for their experience and for them to go through and get practice and all that stuff and The results just aren't always there, so it's kind of hit and miss right like sometimes You can't get some good results maybe one week maybe on another out It's not that great of results and so you can see right here Also, another thing is is you got to go through and pay for the Facebook advertising? But then on top of it you're paying for them to manage it all and then you're also Paying for the extensive software that you need to go through and have them set up so you're gonna pay for your CRM I was just on the phone just yesterday with with the client And she was telling me about she was kind of exploring all over different options, and she was saying well Yeah, there's this group and it's this much for the management fee And they say I have to spend at least this much on Facebook Ads then on top of that She's like I have to spend another three hundred dollars per month just on the software so It really starts to add up right like you got okay? You got your CRM your lead generation websites your email your text marketing you got all these components just for the software Right, then you have your management fee, and then you have your Facebook Ads fee And it just you know that that's that really can be difficult with you as A new agent a you know just getting started, or you're just kind of like hey, I'm on a tight budget Maybe you're not completely brand new, but you do this part-time and that can be very difficult Right now another option.

I don't have this all bolted down here But you could go through and learn it all yourself right you could go through get some courses watch some YouTube videos I've got tons of YouTube videos right here on my channel That you can go through and try to like get a good idea of how to set the Facebook Ads But the thing is like that still takes a lot of time The pros of that will just hit the pros really quick the pros of that is it's you know it's in essence free obviously You're trading time for the money. That would be spent right and You're you don't really know. Okay, which video should I really be watching. It's not really organized You can buy courses like we have tons of courses that you can go through and use which as a smaller fee But you as a realtor like your time is best spent One-on-one with clients your time is best spent in open houses is best spent going through and making Phone calls actually connecting with all these people You don't really need to go through and learn how to set the Facebook Ads And if you do that's great, and we have those solutions for you all But that really can be pretty time-consuming Okay, so and then obviously another one of the top of the cons There is not only is it time to consuming But you're running for your first time so it can be kind of like For your frantic like trying to go through and figure out okay Facebook Ads they just changed the update the algorithm What's going on? Here is it's gonna affect me How's it gonna affect me like what should I really be doing with all these updates and all these changes And then you know you get like the the data Breach with Cambridge analytic aware.

You kind of like get that scared like okay? well
What's going on with that and if you're not in this every single day it can kind of be a little frightful And you don't really know how to go through and approach it, right so anyway You kind of got the local option, right? You've got the self-serve where you can go through and learn it all yourself And then I want to go through and kind of break down We've recently. We've worked with now over 3,000 real estate agents and brokers, which obviously is one of our pros You can see right here and a lot of it has been self-serve But a lot of it has been going through and us working with our clients one-on-one to go help them Get these results help them set the Facebook Ads set up the landing page with the lead capture pages to generate more leads Setting up the automated email text mic marketing follow-up And also even setting up the face message message Facebook messenger side the facebook messenger follow-up Which has been working extremely well to be able to go through have a follow up via email text message Facebook message phone call and it just gives you that much higher of a chance to go through and set an appointment so We'll just hit kind of some of the different pros and even the cons Oh, I've got some cons down here as you guys can see of going through and working with a big organization like ourselves, okay? So and this is one.

I haven't actually put around here, but we've been around for almost three years now. We've worked with over 3000 real estate agents and brokers. Where as with most of your local shops Honestly, this isn't a hit against them because obviously there's pros and cons to this too there probably have had about 15 to 20 clients Maybe a big one's gonna have about 50 clients, which is great and that there's not a problem with that but it also kind of comes down with the experience thing and knowing really the changes of the algorithm and be able to know all the Different updates there okay now We've spent over five hundred thousand dollars on advertising and that number is growing by about seventy five thousand to a hundred thousand dollars Every single month okay now the reason why I tell that does not necessarily say hey we spent all this money or anything But typically a local marketing agency they probably spent about five to ten thousand dollars in the lifetime of their business, maybe over the course of a year and The nice thing is is the more you spend which honestly It's very easy actually go through and blow a lot of money on Facebook is very easy to go through and set up your Facebook Ads but the more you spend the more you learn, okay? The more you spend and where you learn and you get to see how things work, and what works What doesn't work and you're able to go through and run a lot of tests and we've already run those tests so with you as A client you wouldn't be like trial and error of saying hey We're trying to figure this out for the first time we know what works And we go through and we'll implement that into your business So you can be on the fast track to success like that okay and also Another thing is you know people always ask like well Well Jason like how are you guys adapting to the new Facebook algorithm changes and updates and guys we do this Every single day just like you're a realtor every single day and you're staying on top of your game studying how to be a better Realtor how to get more clients all that stuff we run Facebook ads every single day we specialize in this gay I just spent I just added.

I think another thousand dollars to my own personal loss camp Aine budget Just yesterday So I was in the Facebook image man ads manager for about three hours yesterday Going through creating new ads for my business implementing those into the business and taking things to the next level, okay And we've got all members on our team They're in it. Every single day to be able to go through and stay up to date on the latest changes We actually have personal Facebook ads account reps, okay? Whereas if you have a smaller account and you've ever tried to get in touch with Facebook? It's nearly impossible They they don't really have any contact any support.

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We have our own personal Facebook Ads rep that reaches out with us We can have a call with them whenever we want so if there's questions on the algorithm updates anything like that We can go to them and figure out what's going on and how to best move forward with the new updates Okay, also we have had I know we're not look, but we might not know exactly your neighborhood, but we've had success with lead generation setting appointments and closing deals in all 50 states across the United States and even in Canada all right and Also, you get your own designated personal account rep where you'll be able to work one-on-one with that person And if you can you can work with them you can have as much communication as you want with them Or you can say hey, I just want you to run it I want the leads to come in to me and that's all I want and we send you maybe a monthly or bimonthly Report and that's you know all you really need and that's what you want to focus on We're good with that Or if you want some you know a little bit more reports a little bit more communication we can handle that as well and so Anyway, another thing is a lot of times agents will sign up with us.

I'm like hey I don't really know this right now, so I want you guys to kind of take care of it But I also I love learning this stuff. I really want to go through and learn market I want to learn Facebook Ads so we actually have the step-by-step Facebook Ads training that you can go through and be studying and learning right alongside Our team members that are running it, and then you can be on the background Maybe on the weekends evening studying it and learning how to do it yourself Okay, so those are several of the pros and obviously there's there are some cons right so we can't be with you in person Okay, we're actually we have team members all across the country we have team members in Arizona and Utah in New York and Texas in Arkansas, where are we were spread out? I think in in North Carolina now in Kansas, so we're all spread out, Illinois.

We're spread out across the United States And likely if we have a rep that's in your area We like to go through and find that person to be able to connect with you in that specific area, okay But the nice thing is we do have monthly reports. We will go through and send you the numbers of Lee's generated How much it cost to generate a lead all that stuff? We can jump on and have a Skype call with you? Yes, it's not an in-person meeting We can't go through and meet in your office, or you come and meet in our office or anything like that But is just as it's just as good because we can cover all the things that we need to help you out and then obviously You know we didn't grow up in your backyard We don't know exactly your city the suburbs the neighborhoods all that stuff But what we do is before we bring on any new client we will go through and we'll do extensive research on your area Okay, because we want to make sure that we're communicating with your potential clients the right way so Someone's looking to buy a home or sell a home, or if your market is big-time with renters Or if it's a hot buyers market right now our hot sellers market whatever it is We like to do the research first, so we know the best Facebook ad to set up for you And then we'll take our proven ads we'll proven templates everything that we've gone through and run and with our Experience with the Facebook Ads manager send up all these Facebook ads we'll go through Set this all up for you to give you the best shot for success Okay
So the nice thing is you know like a local agency would as well we take care of the whole Facebook advertising set up So we'll create the Facebook ad we'll get all the targeting nailed down.

We'll set up your lead generation Website okay to go through and generate more leads where we can actually generate about fifteen to twenty five times more leads from a landing page as Opposed to your typical website And then on the back end We can get your email marketing follow up your text marketing follow up your facebook messaging follow up all on complete auto-pilot then when new leads come in we can automatically notify you via email and Via text so that you can have all that information and get in contact with that person as soon as possible right now There's two quick things if you guys want to go through and get started with us and have us help you with your lead generation There's really two ways to go about and make this happen Okay So you can go to our some marketing il-4 slash call and you can set up a call show you the page right here You can set up a call with Adam on our team You will be able to go through and find what plan works best for you And you can see we've got tons and tons of testimonials down here, so if you're wondering.

Hey is this work guys We've got tons of testimonials that you can go through and see we've also been featured in Forbes on multiple times Going through and with our lead generation and sales techniques and strategies that we'll be implementing for your business, okay, so that's one option Arsenal marking dot IO 4 slash call which I'll also drop it link to that down in the description And in the comment section and with our kind of our core marketing agency campaign What we do is your investment would be 549 a month And that would allow us to create up to four lead generation campaigns every single month for you all right now If you're like Jason, I am brand new, I don't have 549 a month.

That's just way out of my budget We do have other options For you guys that we can go through and help you with your lead generation efforts So if you go to our some marketing dot IO 4 slash Pro For just $1.99 a month you'll get access to our lead generation software our email and text marketing software our CRM You'll get access to our training to be able to go through and help you generate buyer leads Seller leads listing leads and a member of our team will be able to set up one new lead generation Campaign for you every single month that you're on this $1.99 a month pro plan right so this is just month-to-month guys There's no contract with this So I kind of want to just break that down for you also I'll also drop a link to this one as well down in the comment section, but anyway guys So we've got the the full service the 549 a month which will create up to four lead generation Campaigns if you want more questions if you've got more questions on that you can set up a call with Adam on our team right here on this page to go through and discuss a little bit more about what that entails and Then as far as if you want to like hey, I don't have the 549 a month budget.

No problem guys Just go through to our samarkand dot IO four slash Pro You'll get access to our software To the training and you'll have a member of our team be able to set up one new lead generation campaign for you Every single month right so anyway guys. Thanks so much for watching this video today. Hopefully it was helpful Do you guys have any questions go ahead drop them down in the comment section below? Also, if you found this video helpful go ahead give it a thumbs up share it. I'm greatly appreciate that And if you're brand new here to the channel go ahead and hit that subscribe Button hit that notification bell because we launched new videos every single week And we want to be able to help you generate more leads make more money and grow your business Thanks so much guys, and we'll see you all later.

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