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What's up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I want to show you guys probably probably the best like that the top Facebook Ads trick and what I'm doing I'm gonna actually jump into my Facebook Ads manager and show you guys my real Facebook Ads account Which I hardly ever do if you guys have followed me on this channel But I just want to show you guys some of the results and how powerful this is even if you've got kind of a small budget to go through and run your Facebook ads now to kind of explain why this works so well I want To give a little bit of a visual and then we'll dive into the ads manager here so this past week I was over at my parents house down in Arizona and They've got a lot of citrus tree.

So they've got grapefruit trees orange trees lemon tree They've got all these really cool trees and if you're going out to go pick fruit right like you're going you'll kind of grab the fruit and you're kind of grabbing those core ones and You might have some fruit that falls down or you might have a couple low hanging pieces of fruit that you just like Didn't see so you didn't grab those. Okay, but that's kind of like imagine. You're your main core Facebook Ads campaign, right? That's going out and it's going and grabbing all the fruit, right? well this campaign right here is Going and grabbing all that low-hanging fruit that maybe you just like didn't see or maybe it dropped and you were up in the tree Or something like that And so you didn't have time to go down and grab it but this campaign this ad Is going towards those low-hanging pieces of fruit that maybe already picked or they're just like kind of just work may be out of that Your reach right for that that exact moment So I hope that example kind of made sense and if you're related to business guys This is literally probably the best thing that you could possibly do even if you don't have that cold campaign going out and getting a lot of people like if you've got a Youtube channel, or if you're just like getting people to your website or people interacting with you on Facebook You can go through and use this exact strategy right here so what we want to do is want to go set up a very simple ad just like this one right here and obviously you Don't like it's not like this exact ad right, but you can see like look I don't even have a lot of text here just very simple straight to the point Hey download my free real estate email templates Right and with this ad what I'm doing is I'm going through and I'm targeting every single person that may be you know Visit my website or visit my web browser edge astray ssin page but maybe didn't opt-in or people that have followed me on facebook or liked a page or someone that like has our Engaged with my content or they've watched a video.

They basically know who I am right because then it's a little bit easier It's at this more that low-hanging fruit like in the example we gave earlier Like maybe we picked that fruit from the tree they fell down Marty off the tree. So no chance of continued growing, right? So basically here's the ad and let's just jump in. I want to show you guys Well first I'm going to show you guys where I'm saying these people. It's a very very simple landing page and one thing guys I highly recommend keep your landing page is super simple. A lot of you guys still get too in depth You want to make your landing page all pretty you want to do all this crazy stuff Look how basic and boring. This landing page is guys Look, it's got a headline sub-headline, and it's got the call-to-action button They hit that they come in and put their name email and they get this little opt-in right here actually This one is for another one, but I'm just gonna show you guys here the email Templates, so this is it Okay, so they're clicking on this ad right here And it's the same exact they get instant access or eat realistic email templates the backgrounds.

Why is this very boring? it's not like this all fancy thing and the reason why I like to kind of keep it simple and boring is because When we're sending people here, they could be they could have bad data service Right, or they could have the bad Wi-Fi connection or whatever it might be And so if it takes a page a long time to load, I don't buy you guys But I just click out of those things immediately if it takes longer two seconds. I'm impatient. Everyone else is impatient They're gonna click away. So you want to make sure you have something that is very simple very basic and it converts amazingly Well, okay. So this is kind of the ad this is what the landing page looks like If we jump over here, this is my real estate email templates Campaign right here. So you can see I've got to add sets. I probably need to go ramp this up a little bit But this is just the month of May So the last 10 11 days or so, you can see I'm not really spending a lot of money So well, I'm not spending a lot of money in comparison to how much I spend per day on webinar registrations So if you go and you let's say you have a $20 a day budget something like that Honestly these campaigns you could be spending two to three dollars per day and see amazing results You could probably see close but pretty not exactly but you can get pretty solved The other $18 that you're spending if you have a $20 day budget, okay So I'm spending 40 bucks a day for the kind of like the overall what I'm spending on the daily that that is very insignificant Honestly, but you can see you've got two campaigns here So this tier two what I call tier two in my advertising language is every one that's kind of like already seen my content Right.

They they're not that tier one. I guess. I don't know how I'm like initially am is that in my mind, but Tier one, I guess would be people that have never heard of you. They don't know about what you're doing So this is people tier two would be people visit your website They've watched a video they've even potentially watched a youtube video like this Or they've gone through they have liked or commented on a post They've liked your Facebook page something like that and you can see right here guys.

Look a dollar and 28 cents per lead Okay now typically on my webinar registrations I shoot for $8 per li that's kind of like and obviously like every industry and every business is a little bit different But just kind of give that in comparison I shoot for $8 per lead and I'm getting here a dollar and 28 cents per lead. Okay, that's that's pretty good Right, like that's one.

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Eighth of the costs. I'm normally getting leads for with the webinar registration and the webinar registration I'm just getting an email as well. Okay, and then you look at here. This one's going out to more of a broader audience Okay, but it's only a dollar and eighty eight cents still. Okay, so it's very simple very basic Straight to the point but it's still converting amazingly well for an overall average cost of $1 and 52 cents so you can see I've got 160 leads and I don't even think I started this May first. I remember what day I started so Let's say a hundred twenty dollars four dollars eight. I I only started three days ago Okay, so it hasn't even been that long looks like okay May 8th, May 8th to 11th last three days.

Like I said we spent $240 and we've got a hundred and sixty leads. Okay, so that's pretty Amazing right like that. That's pretty cool. And then another thing we're kind of like my sales conversion Tactic is the webinar, obviously. So one thing that I do which you can do kind of like change around where it's like Hey, maybe they opt in and then they are scheduling a call or booking appointment with you. Right? We're right here And come animals put in my information hit download. Now. Look at this. I'm inviting them to join my webinar, right? So I'm just kind of giving them back into this funnel Then the interesting thing is if you come in here and look at these statistics if you look over like results You can see how many people so 65 7 people opted in as well to that auto webinar Registration page case.

So I got 65 leads and another 65 I got 7 which That's like what 10% a little maybe a little over 10% And so we got 7 we've spent 120 dollars total So you're looking at I don't know What is that like 12 15 dollars per Li which is not bad cuz that's not my main focus. Then this one right here We've got 11 so 11 of the 95 So that's probably like what 11 12 percent conversion rate from people opt into the email templates and look at this I've got two purchases on our main product, which is like 1,500 bucks I've got the email templates lead 95 2 people have registered for my live webinar and look at all these other people like initiating checkouts website checkouts initiated 19 of the 95 Ok, that's pretty crazy, right? So anyway guys, I just want to show you and that's on a tier 2 email So that's going and retargeting following up picking up that low-hanging fruit So I just want to show you guys who that is just in three days since May 8 so I I kind of I've done this in the past and I kind of like stopped because I was going through and I was focusing on some other parts of the business and then I was like, you know what I need to implement this back in because Honestly, like if we're spending hardly any money to get these types of results Totally worth it, right? so if you guys have a business and you're not going through and following up Grabbing that low-hanging fruit picking up the people like targeting people who visit your website Like your Facebook page watched a video on your Facebook page like intercom or any of that stuff anyone who has interacted with you You you got to do it, right? You've got to implement that right now because this is so powerful these results like the results.

Just don't lie, right? So just go through set it up Keep it simple. Okay right here from this ad to the landing page right there Opt-in and then you know you can send them to you know I've got a webinar you have them book a call with you Like if your Realtor say hey schedule a call with me could be a number of different things.

So that is just one thing I wanted to go through and share with you and sorry it's been a while since I've shot a video It it's just been a crazy week kind of just going through Trying to catch up on a lot of things and implement some new things into our business as well So hopefully guys this was helpful. If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what you thought and if you guys are kind of wondering like hey well Jason How do you go through and do like the custom audiences and target re target people and all that stuff? I've got that covered in my Facebook Ads mini course Which I give you guys 100% free So I will also drop a link to that mini course down in the description as well as I'll probably put it in the top comments, so you guys can just go grab that and Kind of see how this whole thing works Kay because I'm not going to cover how to create the X I've already done that in ton of other videos.

So anyway, if it's helpful thumbs up comment down below Let me know what you guys thought if you're brand new here Make sure you guys subscribe cuz we try to launch. We try I always say daily I don't know I go back and forth from daily to you know A couple times a week to like like the last time I did a video was a week ago So I've really been slacking. I've just been so slammed with other stuff in the business So I'm trying to get you guys the best content whenever it comes up I don't want to like just throw up content just to throw up content I just want to make sure it's good for you guys. And so you guys can have success and see results with that said Thanks so much for watching and I will see you all in the next video

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