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Why is Kartra better than its
competitors this is part 1 of 2 hey just a few years ago I was introduced to this
software called Kartra and they said they could do everything and I watched
this video and it was amazing what it could do and I signed up and guess what
happened they were right it can do everything in this video and in the next
video I want to tell you all about Kartra and why you shouldn't use any other
software to promote your online business and we're starting right now hey jr.
Fischer welcome to my channel I appreciate you being here been selling
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online it's Kartra however I have to explain it to you I got to tell you why
so in these two videos it's a two-part series you're going to want to watch
this and then the next one you're going to be convinced that Kartra is the
right software for you let's get going also I want to remind you that I've got
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okay what do you think about Kartra after listen to this
have you tried Kartra what are you using let me hear your comments below it
if you have any questions stick those in there too okay first off I got to tell
you Kartra is an all-in-one software because when you're doing online
marketing you've got a lot of things you got to do I mean there's just a lot of
stuff there is website hosting it can do that okay you can put your URL there and
you can actually have it hosted there there's email marketing and
you can do that through Kartra and there's landing page designs and you can
do that through Kartra and there's split testing and you can do that through Kartra
and there's shopping carts and you can do that through Kartra and
there's affiliate management you can do that through Kartra and there's memberships
and you could do that through Kartra do you see what I'm saying you could
pretty much do everything from Kartra I don't really need any other outside
softwares at this point and I was paying for like eight other softwares before I
discoveredKartra first off what is Kartra, Kartra is an all-in-one platform
and I really like the way it came about because it was developed by Andy Jenkins
and Mike fils-aime and they had been online marketers for years so they kind
of knew what you know we needed what we as marketers need online you know
previously to this it was like programmers and coders that design these
software's which was fine but they didn't really know what a marketer
needed so the fact that to marketers developed the software and it only came
out in 2018 and I've been using it since then the fact that they developed the
software explains why it works so well now in the beginning frank kern was
actually involved in it and frank kern will get involved in an uninvolved in
different things and that's cool you know he's got a lot of projects going on
but even he said oh my god this is amazing software so the top marketers in
the world actually like Kartra that's why you need to take a serious
look at it so let's take a look at the individual parts of Kartra first off
number one is the professional page editors I love the page editors in there
and I've used leadpages I've used clickfunnels I've use all kinds of
different page editors but I really like the one in Kartra I like all the
components in there I like the sections in there I like the columns in there I
like all the different parts and buttons they give you and you can put videos in
there and you can't do that in any of the other software so that's pretty cool
but the page editor is really amazing and once you get used to it and I had a
little learning curve it wasn't like simple the first day I'm like oh this is
easy but once I got used to it I loved it it works perfectly for me now inside
that page editor they have templates so whether you're doing a thank-you page
whether you're doing a sales page marketing page doesn't matter they've
already got templates there so if you're not that creative type you can just grab
one of those templates and use that for your page in addition to
that in the pages they've got pre-written copy samples so you can have
all of that preset up and you can change it as you want but you've got something
to work with I think that the toughest part when you're building pages starting
from a blank page a blank page is very frightening in addition when you're
building these pages you can do split test so you can have one page that has
one headline another page that's another headline and send that out to your list
and half your list gets one page and half gets the other and you can test and
see which one works better and you can just copy the first page and just change
the headline so you can quickly do this now they're split testing is like like
I'm showing you on this picture here it's through 360-degree real-time
analytics that is connected to every aspect of your business I love that the
next part to Kartra is their emails yeah it's an email provider you can
email people and I will tell you I left Infusionsoft which is now called keep
and I went over to Kartra and I instantly made more money not because
everything else was so good but just the deliverability was better if you're
having problems with deliverability you're gonna love Kartra they also
have Kartra automations so you can automate all these processes whether it
be emails whether it be content no matter what it is you're sending out
Kartra can automate it when you get into the automation they actually have a
visual automation builder so you can see the process of that particular
automation here's a graphic of it right here you're seeing on the screen right
now you can see what they opt-in they order a product you know to send them
emails we assign tags so all these automations are really simple you there
just drag and drop once you've done that you can automate all these sequences and
have a profitable funnel next up is the marketing campaigns I love their
marketing campaigns because everything's integrated based on the activity of your
user so if they click somewhere you can send out one automation if they buy
something you can send out a different automation if they haven't bought in a
while you can send another automation if they've completed one of your courses
you can send another automation there's so much you can do with it okay here's
something else cool inside of Kartra they have some done for you templates
that are already set up so if you want a complete automation let's say you want
to do list building they've got a campaign in there for list building all
you have to do is tweak it with your company names and what you want to say
but they've already built that automation for you they've also got a
quick launch campaign you can go in there and use that campaign it's got all
the emails all the pages everything already set up for you
they even got one of Frank Kern's Ford a cash machine campaign set up in there
and you can copy that and use it for your business in addition to that
they've got a book final campaign maybe you're selling books or you have a book
that you want to sell they've got that campaign already set up for you you
don't have to figure it out they've also got the eshop campaign so if you're
selling products and you got multiple products you want to sell there's a
campaign in there for you too they've also got a Kartra masterclass
campaign I love this this campaign allows you to actually send traffic
through a registration process to a webinar like on-demand video to sell
your products this is awesome and it's set up in a campaign that you can just
copy and use let's talk about their course and membership platform I love
love love this I have a bunch of different courses in there and they work
seamlessly they're automated so that when somebody signs up for one of these
courses they automatically get an email it gives them all their login details
that gives them the passwords it explains everything to them it's just
awesome and the cool thing about that is I can put my videos inside Kartra
they don't even charge me data in the beginning they charge data but they
don't charge that now so I can put my videos in there and since they have
these awesome analytics I can tell how far somebody's going into a course or
when they're leaving here's an example right here of how to host your content
and a membership portal they have the logo the sections the post access levels
content sidebar banners and they explain every single thing to you now previous
to this I had memberships but I had them all over the place I had them in
different places I had ones in quick funnel I had ones where they were
YouTube videos on my WordPress pages I had kajabi they were everywhere it's
hard hard hard to keep track of it now it wasn't just the fact that it was hard
to keep track of you couldn't automate different things because I had a
different email provider than I did for my membership site and in Kartra since
they're all one and since everything is in one particular place it makes it so
so much easier it really really does and the thing I
like about Kartra also is that they're constantly improving it I don't think a
week goes by where they don't send me an email and they said we've added this
feature we've added this thing for you and they don't charge more okay I
haven't paid more since I began and when I began I was paying thousands a month
and I'm not now because I've been able to whittle down all these different
pieces of software and the thing that I think as digital marketers we forget is
the number one thing that is the most valuable to you is your time your time
right how many times have you worked and you're jumping from one website to the
other to an email provider to your page builder it's just all this time of
logging in and logging out to all these different places just waste your time
your time is the most valuable thing you've got it really is that's the
wonderful thing about Kartra is I log into one place my emails are there my
sales pages are there my memberships are there my videos are there everything is
just there okay everything's there makes it so much easier all my sales funnels
and I can log in and I can in cents they're all there the analytics tells me
how all of that stuff's working also so I can look at those analytics and say
well this pages are working or this price isn't working I'll split test this
I'll put a different price on there and I can do it instantly I mean I can copy
a page and change a price in less than five minutes if I have to go log into
another site it may take me five minutes just to log into the site that's one of
the decided advantages now there's a whole lot more advantages to Kartra and
I want to get into that in video two you're at video one right now so you're
going to want to jump to video two right after this I'll put a link down there
that goes to video two and you can complete watching it I really appreciate
you watching this video put your comments below what did you learn about
Kartra had you heard about Kartra before what what system are you using
now are you patching together stuffs or maybe you have questions about how to
use Kartra put those comments below don't forget to subscribe hit that big
subscribe button and bail bail turn on bail notifications that's to your
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really really easy to do simple stuff okay do me a favor give me a thumbs up
or a thumbs down if you didn't like it but hopefully you did I'll see you in
the next video

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