📬 9 free ways to build an email list

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nine free ways to build an email list
building an email list is really hard if you don't know how to do it in this
video I'm gonna make it really easy imagine having an email list that could
generate thousands of dollars a day and you did it all with free methods that's
exactly what I'm gonna show you in this video and we're starting right now hey I'm J.R. Fisher if you knew my
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new video now in this video we're going to be talking about email list but I got
to tell you when I first started out I didn't get it I didn't know how
important those email lists were now I do now I generate money every single day
off emails I've been selling online since 2009 and I've sold millions of
dollars worth of both digital products and physical products and I got to tell
you a lot of that money came from emails so in this video I just want to share
with you all those things that you can do especially if you don't have a big
budget right now how you can build that email list and not have to spend money
to do it also I have an e-commerce course that is going to be below are you
gonna do click the link you can click and learn it's 100% free
it's a $97 course so take advantage of that now have you tried to build an
email list I want to know what your comments are on that comment below in
that section there tell me what you've done which work what hasn't worked if
you have questions about building email list or anything else that's related to
selling online feel free to put those comments below now I've heard people say
emails dead email doesn't make any money email may not make as much as it did a
few years ago however it's still wildly profitable one average for every $1
spent from advertising one email $40 comes back so that's a pretty good
return so don't ever write off email until it really dies which I don't think
it ever will no other channel comes even close to that amount of return so email
is super important deciding to build an email with free Commerce stores
that's super important actually being able to do it and seeing
a return that's the tough part and that's what we're gonna cover in this
video the two major conditions right to being
successful at building your email list like number one traffic to your website
you've got to have traffic to your website and number two you've got to
have decent signup forms now I'm going to recommend that you use Kartra,
Kartra is amazing that has the signup forms already built into it you can
build your landing pages your sales funnels down in the description below
there's a link you can click on it and go watch a video with all the stuff that
Kartra does it'll make you a ton of money and it's gonna save you money too
because it has a lot of things it does that a lot of programs don't do so you
have to go out and buy a whole bunch of different software with Kartra it's
all built in now when you use the link below you can actually watch a video but
if you want to get Kartra that has a $1 trial so I highly suggest you check
it out Kartra now I'm gonna give you things that work fast if you're like me
I'm gonna see results right away I don't want to wait ok so I'm gonna give you
nine things that you can do then get your results in days or maybe even hours
first off let's do some definitions here an email list what is an email list now
first off you got to have a place to put it
hard click and do that for you – that's why I'm suggesting Kartra because it can
do your emails you could build your list in there everything can be done an email
list basically is people that are made up of people who have opted in for your
products that have bought your products that have shown interest in your
products or gotten downloads and those emails are collected based on what
they're interested in people have said the money is in the list and while
that's true it's also important that your list be clean and relevant so you
know if you've built a list of people who are interested in boating and then
you send them a sales page that has to do with haircare you're not going to do
well so you've got to understand when you're building this email list you have
to tag people appropriately you have to know what their interests are you have
to know where they've been and if you do it that way yeah
in the list and of course the main reason of building this list is the more
people you have on the list the more potential customers you'll have one down
the road who could buy your products let's talk about some of the do's and
don'ts of email list first off number one if you got to get a good email
provider not all email providers are the same I've been through a lot of
different ones I've had Constant Contact I've had a weber I've had Infusionsoft
which changed the name to keep right now I have Kartra, Kartra I just I can't
say enough good things about it I really can't it's a it's a great email provider
they have so many other things in there they have sales pages they have sales
funnels they have memberships and it's all built under one roof so you don't to
buy all these additional services now the other thing about it is they have
really good deliverability now you can have an email provider but if the emails
that are going out people aren't seeing if they're going to people spam folders
it doesn't even good so you're paying for these emails to go out and nobody
ever sees them Kartra keeps it clean they have I don't know how to do it I'm
not a technical person but they keep the provider cleans this enables your emails
to actually reach the inbox of your potential buyer now the next thing I'm
going to tell you number two is to keep your list healthy what do I mean by
healthy here's here's a crazy statistic I ran across the other day 30% of the
people on your email list change their emails every two years now that's insane
right if the emails change how are you ever gonna get any emails to them so you
got to keep your list healthy if those people are no longer opening your emails
we need to get them off the list and there's some tools that are built in
Kartra then will help you with that and you'll know what's going on do you get
the people off the list if you have a low open rate on your list what happens
is providers like Yahoo Mail and Gmail and all that will start marking you as
spam and then they start sending all your emails to spam and you don't want
that to happen number three I'm gonna tell you never buy an email list
ever ever ever by an email list don't do it people who are selling email lists
will sell that list to hundreds or even thousands of people and if you're using
some of those names on there they're gonna be known spammers and when that
happens you're gonna become a spammer and guess what none of your emails are
gonna reach your potential buyers now I know why people buy these lists because
it's cheap it's really cheap to do you can get a lot of names really cheap and
then the thinking is well gosh if only 2 or 3 percent of them are any good it's
still a good deal but the problem is when you start mailing all these other
people and you get marked as a spammer then nobody on your list or that new
list is gonna see any of your emails here's an example I'm putting it on the
screen now some of the ads you'll see about email lists and trust me you could
google this right now you can find tons of people I wouldn't buy from any of
them now here's the really bad part if you start getting a lot of spam reports
if people start reporting your emails as spam your actual provider whether it be
Kartra whether it be get a Constant Contact or a weber or whatever you'll
just cancel your account just think of it this way if you want to kill your
career as an email marketer just go ahead and buy a list right up front and
babble but surely kill your career but if you want if you want to build a good
email list a list it's gonna make me some money
follow these nine steps okay number one you've got to understand what an opt-in
form is this opt-in form is the form you're going to use to actually get
somebody's email now in the olden days it used to be a pop-up or something on
the website that said you know opt-in to get our newsletter and that doesn't work
anymore you can't do that any time that somebody opts in on one of your forms
they have to see themselves getting value so they could opt in for a free
course they could opt in for a free download they could opt in to get a
discount but there has to be some actual value and there's a lot of different
ways of doing opt-in forms it could be one that's just a banner across the top
of your website it could be one that once they've scrolled one pops
up on the screen it could be one that's off to the side so I understand there's
a lot of different ways of putting an opt-in form in there also now a lot of
providers let's say you're using WordPress or something like that
you can buy actual plugins that will you know pop an opt-in for you if you use
something like Kartra which I highly recommend you can actually take those
opt-in forms and put them on your WordPress site put them on your Magento
site put it wherever you want and you can also use them in Kartra so
they're usable everywhere and that's just one of the things you get with Kartra
and like I said there is a link below you can watch the video on
Kartra and if you choose to go ahead and get Kartra you got a $1 trial so I
would definitely say check that out they also have pre-made templates in there so
you don't have to design them you just put your words on their forms number two
use a surprise pop-up they may be on a section of your website with a thing
about buying a product and a pop-up comes up and it says get 10% off on your
first order well they're more apt to do that right now because they're actually
looking at a product so you can put something like that on one of your pages
and it's really easy to do in Kartra now here's an example of exactly that
right here you can see it says don't leave just yet sign up now to get 15%
off your first purchase all you have to do is enter your email and your phone
number this one here it has a phone number on it
I don't like to use phone numbers I use first names and email but you know
here's an example of a form that's used on the site let me take you inside
Parker real quick and I'll show you how it's done this is the little page here
now I've got it clicked here for a landing pop-up so that means as soon as
they land on this page one of these pop-ups is going to come up as you can
see there's some options off the side there some of the popups I actually have
on this particular site and this is an exit pop-up right here is an example of
the exit pop-up and you can just click this little button here on the top where
it says activate pop up and you've got a choice of landing page pop or exit
below this is where you can actually edit it as soon as you selected one can
actually do an animation off to the side you can have an animation of fade what
else they've got here zoom slide in from the left slide in from the right so you
can have different ways that it's going to appear on the page and then you just
set it up to what you want number three the power of the incentive okay
so there's certain things that you can offer people that have a high value to
them and certain things they just really don't have a high value and you're not
going to do very well and like I said earlier if you're telling somebody to
sign up for your newsletter or if you're telling them to you know get updated on
your products or your company they don't want that they see that as spam they
don't want all that extra information they want real value so offer them a
discount offer them a download offer them a free membership a free ebook you
know a list a guide something that's going to be useful to them right there
now here's another one right here that is offering free shipping so that may be
of interest to them especially like they've got heavy products like we sell
some canned meats at our survival company and those are heavy so free
shipping would be really cool for somebody to get now this is a bad pop-up
right here this is a really bad one there's nothing I like about it I don't
like the color I don't like the fonts I don't like the fact that it offers you
nothing it says we receive our newsletter and stay up to date or new
arrivals and savings nobody wants that guys nobody wants that don't put that
kind of stuff on your site it's just terrible the number four way to get
emails is gamification now what's gamification well they're
actually gonna play a game to get something of value by giving up their
email now on your screen now you see this suspend the wheel to save a fortune
this here gives you discounts off your product and all you have to do is get
your email in there and then you get to spin the wheel now of course what you've
done by doing this is you've gotten the person's email about what they're gonna
get in return is a discount when they're purchased so that's attractive to them
now this is something that actually can be adjusted so you can determine where
this thing lands ten percent twenty percent
how much of a discount or if they get free shipping you set all that up in
this particular software number five is have a targeted landing page I see this
happen so often where they'll send people to a particular web site to the
home page and there's nothing to do there it's just the home page with all
their categories and their products and you know the popups all the stuff going
on there's nothing to really do so what you want to do is build an actual
landing page if you're driving traffic a landing page that people go to they have
one thing to do to buy a product to download something it can be an actual
page where they're gonna get a discount or it's a major sale for two days
something along those lines let's take a look at one real quick that I saw I'd
really liked it it's kind of basic but you know if you look at it and it says
basic piece at the top you see right here you can get free shipping that's
one thing you can do free shipping but all they have to do is enter their name
and email address they've got a really cool picture on here it's unusually you
know grabbed your eyes when you see this thing if you notice it's got far fewer
elements then a homepage would have you know your homepage would have your
categories and you know you may be pricing and about us and contact and all
this there's only one thing on here to do then that's give up your email
address and you'll find pages like this when you make pages like this they're
gonna convert a whole lot higher and you can actually use the templates that are
in Kartra they're already designed for stuff like this and all you have to
do is pop in your pictures or your texts or whatever you want to do the actual
opt-ins are already designed the entire page will be designed for you the next
thing I'll tell you number six is use powerful lead magnets what's a powerful
lead magnet a powerful lead magnet is something that has value okay so if it
has real value if it offers to help you know these people if it is something
that you know they can get immediate results that can change their life it
could reduce their pain whatever it is that you're trying to get across make
sure that lead magnet has real value if it has real value you're gonna get a
whole lot higher opt-in rate the shame of it is that you know when we're
building these e-commerce sites 97% of the people that come to your be commerce
site will not buy I mean the average is about three percent purchase rate and
since that's the case if you don't get emails you never get a shot at those
people again and those are the people that are gonna actually build your
business for you that that first time sale purse that person just buys knee
jerk I mean that's good to have that they may buy some more down the road but
if you can get some of these email and you can indoctrination and send them
information that's useful and send them more and more emails about more and more
products you're gonna have a profitable business but you got to do things like
this here's one from ad espresso it I really like it because it's kind of
funny it's cool it's bright it stands out you know but but take note of how
simple this is download this free ebook okay that's all they say in the title
that it says what the e-book does this free ebook will help you master the do's
and don'ts of Facebook Ads join over forty six thousand seven hundred thirty
eight marketers in our community and get the free ebook now so they're also using
a very specific number when you use a specific number if you put a hundred
thousand or fifty thousand doesn't mean anything
they put forty six thousand seven hundred thirty-eight it's pretty cool
make sure that your lead magnet relate to your products now I probably
shouldn't have to say that but I'm gonna say that you know if you're selling dog
training but your lead magnet is to get people who want to lose weight makes no
sense okay next so sense so it has to be
something related because that way you can categorize these people if somebody
downloads a recipe book on weight loss you could later on sell them a weight
loss course you know what's in their head you know what they're interested in
number seven do giveaways that work okay giveaways that work so you could have
people hopped into a contest there's a lot of contest software's out there and
make sure it's a product that people really want desire I know I did one a
couple of years that was really good and it was to opt-in to win a free case of
canned survival food now that is specific okay if somebody is
actually opting in to win a case of survival food canned meat I know they
want that okay that's a very specialized person but something else cool you can
do later on is that they don't win if they're not the winner you can send them
an email and say hey you didn't win but here's a discount coupon for that
product that you wanted that's a really no-brainer because once they see that
they're like yeah I do want that I'm getting a discount on it maybe I'll just
go ahead and buy it so you can build a big list of buyers by doing something
along those lines now here's an example right here of jewel scent it looks like
they've got candles here and it says Valentine's giveaway when a jewel scent
candle jewelry candle right here so when they opted in for this they could later
on use this as a list of people to market these candles do they know
they're interested in now a lot of these softwares will allow you to build your
list not just from the person adopts in but when they share it with other people
so what it does is when they share it with other people they will get more
entries so let's say they're they're opting in here's an example of one right
here it says you have one entry one more entry for every friend that you refer
that opsin so they can get more and more entries so they may send it up to ten
people or a hundred people so that they increase their odds of winning and then
those people can do the same thing too so it really builds your list by using
their friend network – now I will say when you're doing these contests most of
these software's will have a page that sends them to or to make sure you do it
on a landing page of your own don't do it on the main part of your website
number eight used referral programs right if people refer other people they
get some type of benefit or they get some type to give away some of the
companies that have used this before or PayPal and Dropbox and uber all these
companies have used that referral thing and it would send a message to another
person they could get a free ride the first time on uber the person who sent
out the link to get out a free ride also can benefit by getting a five dollar
coupon or ten dollar coupon off their next ride here's an example here of a
company that's doing a referral and Senate
program and you can get a Starbucks Home Depot Target or Nordstrom's gift card
which is kind of cool and number dyeing is offline list building don't always
think of everything online there's real humans out there you can actually talk
to people you can continually build your list you can go to events you can hand
out cards you can print in exchange business cards you can take
participation at different fairs local festivals you can set up a table there
and collect emails there by doing giveaways any time you sell a customer
offline make sure you get their email and add it to your email as to
restaurants are a good example of this or you know nail salons or hair salons
or any of those places that have a lot of customer interaction get those
people's emails and offer them some incentive you may even want to organize
a group you may want to do a free training on something like meetup along
those lines and have people sign up with their emails you can build your email
list on that maybe you're gonna do a free training course for maybe you're
gonna do a little seminar form maybe they can learn something there you can
also build your list there at the end of the day yeah there's money in a list if
you organize it right and you build it right I hope you enjoyed this video and
give me a thumbs up let me know which one of these methods you're going to use
or have use have you used something that's worked for you put that in the
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