📩Why Kartra is the best digital marketing platform – Part 2

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why Kartra is the best digital
marketing platform part 2 now if you haven't watched part 1 you want to go
back and watch it these two videos go together the first video I walk through
all the things that Kartra can do this video here I'm going to get into
analytics and some of the other more technical stuff with Kartra but
you're gonna love it you're gonna like heart I promise and we're starting right
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you don't know about me I've been online since 2009 and I've sold millions of
dollars about digital and physical products and this channel is for you
this channel is so that you can learn how to do these things so that you get
the insight that the inside scoop okay of what works from somebody who's
already done it okay and also I want you to put your comments below because if
there's like an area I'm not covering something you want to know you something
you want to know about you want me to do a video on let me know I'll be happy to
accommodate you alright let's get back into Kartra here in this video it is
part two I want to talk a little bit about analytics now this screenshot here
is sales analytics this gives you an overview of everything from visit sales
refunds cancellations revenue customer value oh and you could do the same for
affiliate referrals to yes don't forget it has an affiliate portal if you don't
know about that you have a watch video one go back and watch video one now
overall despite past experiences leading me with little patience for subpar
shopping carts and there's been some bad ones there's actually very little this
cart is missing in the way of features aside from like many may be
super-advanced features you'll have everything you need to sell products via
Kartra shopping cart solution yes I love it I love this thing right email
marketers talk about email marketing here
email marketing comes the communications tab and includes
broadcast automations tagging sequences and much more now here's a screenshot of
it right here the module aims to replace the likes of
MailChimp activecampaign Conger Kidd Infusionsoft I don't care
what you use Kartra's better I'm telling you Kartra's better you know
if you don't agree with me put it the comments tell me why because I'm telling
you Kartra's better now that's no small feat because a lot of those things I
just listed those are good companies those are good programs it's just better
in Kartra as far as adding your leads you can certainly do so you can
import your leads you can add leads manually or you can do
a list of leads from a CSV file which is really useful like when I move my stuff
over from Infusionsoft to Kartra we could just use the CSV file get it
approved and boom we were good of course you can also create forms to collect
leads because you want to get more leads obviously the form builder is amazing
they have tons of templates in there really easy to fill out put your
information on there boom you're good to go here's an example of one of those
form builders right here for the record this consistency between modules is
something I really like about Kartra in fact this was one of my biggest
gripes with most of the other software programs I had is it didn't do this the
forms not only are great but they also have single opt-ins they get double
opt-ins they've got custom success URLs they've got welcome messages once people
sign up they've got tagging they've got a lot of
nation's behaviors and dozens of templates for you to use now as far as
tagging that's the whole point in having a online like CRM type thing so you know
about your audiences you know what to send to them they have a incredible area
in Kartra for tagging your customers here's a screenshot of it right here
where this one here shows the tags and the top categories now they're giving
you some examples of how to use tagging functionality but it's just as simple to
use as any other one all you got to do is give you a tag a name and that same
name will become available in your automations later you can also assign it
to form and of course you know tagging is great but without the ability to send
emails and doesn't need you to good they got you covered there too I'm telling
you a Kartra's got you covered Kartra's broadcast tool will let you
send emails or SMS if you want to do text to your customer
now this is a screenshot right here and it shows you you can do email or SMS
filter recipients email delivery and then track and trigger it is amazing
well let's face it when you're doing emails it's really the automation factor
that makes things easier I know we have so many automation set up in there that
automatically makes me money on a daily basis because certain emails are going
out to people at certain times and Kartra handles all of that seamlessly
for you now here on the screen here I want to show you the automated sequences
the good news is Kartra has an automation workflow builder it's called
sequence builder and it's just like the ones you've seen an active campaign or
convertkit or any of the other ones but it's easier and it's better now here's
another screen shot all you have to do is drag one of the components from the
left over to the right and you can easily build your sequences for example
adding any elements or moving things around once you get used to it it is a
very usable system that mimics many of the other features you've come to expect
now here's some starting rules here I did a screenshot of this you can use an
opt-in form tag list order page visit sequence automation any of these things
can be a starting rule for Kartra now the next thing we have in here is
marketing campaigns marketing campaigns are so very important so that's where we
make our money I mean those are certainly important things right here is
where you can create and share full marketing campaigns so you can make it
and actually share these campaigns with another Kartra user now you can make
these from scratch you can start with some of their templates or you can use
one of Kartra done-for-you campaigns but they also supply to you now if you
want to use these done-for-you campaigns everything's handled for you by the
software you don't have to be a programmer you don't do all this as the
screen shows right here it's all automated they're constantly adding more
campaigns for you to use so it just seems like it gets better and better now
as you can see from the screenshot here you can actually see the assets in each
of the campaigns and you can also see the components that make up that
particular campaign so you can expect to see what's going to happen before you
deploy it it's really simple and the execution actually works yeah like I
mentioned earlier you can actually share these campaigns
other users now they do have a marketplace in here I have not purchased
anything in the marketplace I don't know I feel like we pretty much know Kartra
well enough to where we don't have to do that however it is there for you if you
want to do that after all this plug-and-play approach saves you a lot
of time and money if you want to you know get somebody else's way of doing
something I like making them from scratch I like you know building our own
campaigns out but if you want to do that it's certainly there for you
Kartra basically gives you everything you want now the important thing I think
also is pricing and Kartra really kind of got it there too Kartra has two
main pricing plans for smaller businesses there's a starter plan which
is like $99 a month and there's a silver plan which is $199 a month both plans
used to have limits on them now they don't you have unlimited emails you have
unlimited data so it's really just based on how many contacts you have now if you
want to get a significant discount you want to prepay annually this can save
you a ton of money this is what I do I prepay annually and it saves me a lot of
money I can't tell you the hours and the time that Kartra has saved me and the
money it's made me the one thing I noticed that was a really big difference
from I guess it's called keep now it was Infusionsoft but the big difference from
Infusionsoft is Kartra is I would send out the same emails to the same list but
the deliverability was so much better I'm not quite sure how they pull that
off I'm not that technically minded but it was better maybe they have better
servers I'm not sure what it was but I made more money so that that's all I
cared about you know I made more money and I pay a whole lot less for Kartra
than I did Infusionsoft plus I got rid of seven other pieces of software so
when you add all that out it was just a no-brainer for me I love the support I
love the group they have they have a great Facebook group you can go in there
and ask questions Hector is in there who is a I guess he's
their tech guy or whatever but he's amazing guys very very helpful talk to
him a lot in the group they're very accessible so when you have an issue
you're gonna be able to get to them you know it's not some big corporation that
you can't find anybody anything you've got somebody from an overseas country
that can't talk to you it's nothing like that they're local in the US and I
really appreciate that the one thing I also want to mention is
I keep seeing them change things for the better in other words they'll each week
they'll send me an email to say we've added this we've added this we've
improved this we've increased this it seems like they're constantly trying to
improve the platform I've noticed a lot of these platforms will go out there and
they'll sell a whole lot of memberships to it and then they're gone you know
it's like there you go we made our money and you guys deal with the platform
that's not like that with Kartra they're trying to make it better and
better and better I've been doing this since 2009 and I've dealt with a lot of
different software programs and I gotta tell you by far Kartra it that's what
I like you know that's why I'm pushing it I don't feel bad about saying hey use
my affiliate link because I've never had anybody come back to me oh I know that
was a waste of time that was a waste of money it's never happened everybody
who's tried Kartra has done very well with it I've been very successful except
those people who don't use it okay so if you're one of those but if you don't
plan on using it don't click my link don't do that okay because I know a lot
of people will sign up for stuff they never use it it's craziness I guess
they're called donators you know they just donate money to the program but
don't ever use it it can make you money if you use it guys you got to dig in a
little bit it's gonna have a little bit of a learning curve anything does if you
get in there and you use it and you use all the parts to it and I guess I'm
guilty of that I don't always use all the parts I probably should I need to
get in there work more it's difficult when you're making money and money's
coming in for you to go out there and go let me do more work but I try to do that
I do try to improve on it and I know you guys will love it so all you got to do
is go down into the description there if you haven't watched video one I do want
to remind you go back and watch a video one go in the description down there
click that link for Kartra you don't need a credit card you don't need to
enter your email you can watch a free video it's at that point you're
interested you can actually get a 14-day trial for only one dollar I suggest you
do it I think if you watch that video you're gonna want it anyhow this is the
way it is I really appreciate you guys listening to this video I really
appreciate you participating on the channel I love getting your comments so
if you have questions about email providers about making money online
about selling stuff online or if you've had some successes you'd like to share
that would be really helpful to other people if you would put that in the
comments below did you hear me put that in the comments below don't just think
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pretty cool stuff alright guys thank you so much for listening I'll see you in
the next video

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