ūüďßEmail marketing analytics – How to measure the success of your campaigns

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email marketing analytics how to measure the 
success of your campaigns okay so you're doing   these campaigns but are they any good are 
you making any money is it doing what it   should be doing according to industry standards 
in this video i'm gonna go through five analytics   that you must know and you must check when you're 
doing these email sequences if you don't have a   good email sequence provider and if you don't 
have karcher i don't think you have a good one   so anyhow that's my opinion but if you look in 
the description below there's a link to kartra   i would definitely grab kartra you can watch the 
video that it does absolutely free you don't have   to opt in you have to give an email or anything 
and once you watch the video get this once you   watch the video you can get kartra for only 
one dollar one dollar check it out man if you   if you're doing any kind of digital marketing 
you need cartridge the video will explain i   promise you now by the end of this video you're 
gonna know what analytics that you need to look   at what you can do about it and how to make more 
money with your email sequences so let's get going   don't forget if you haven't subscribed already 
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check this out number one number one without   this one none of them matter it's deliverability 
rate deliverability out of all the emails you're   sending out how many of them are actually 
getting delivered okay now we shoot for 99   because we want to have good deliverability if we 
don't have good deliverability it doesn't matter   what the email says what it does clicks none of 
that stuff because people aren't even getting it   that's why i like cartridge they have a very high 
deliverability rate if you are below 97 on your   deliverability rate i think you need to look at 
how you're collecting emails do people even want   to be on your email list it's super important 
that you do that so that's the first thing you   want to look at without that nothing else really 
matters the next thing is open rate open right   now this is where a lot of people get tripped up 
on open rate open rate is going to be based on   one thing and one thing alone your subject line 
yeah your subject line if your subject line   isn't good and i'll put a link below where you can 
download the best subject lines i have a great uh   downloadable on that you can grab that but if you 
don't have great subject line guys nobody's going   to open your emails and the bad thing about that 
is if they don't open your emails they don't read   your emails and if they don't read your emails 
they won't click on your emails if they don't   click on your emails you won't have any success 
so it's really important that you hammer down   this subject line thing the subject line thing 
is so very important i can help you out with   that i can give you some top subject lines and 
understand the purpose of a subject line is to   get an email open it's not to tell them what's 
in the email it's not it's not a preview email   subject line it's a subject line okay so in 
your email you may be talking about discounts on   survival food like what we have right now but the 
subject line i may use maybe i can't believe this   just happened it's about over okay you're about 
to miss out on this you need to click now please   read this it's of utmost importance okay stuff 
like that is going to get people to open an email   but if you say 20 awful men's shirts today and 
they're looking for men's pants or it landed in a   woman's inbox well that's not going to get open so 
it's really important when you look at these open   rates what are you doing what are you doing with 
the subject line the most important part of your   email and like i said you could improve your open 
rate by having better subject lines but you can   also a b test it split test it and in cartridge 
the software i just told you about it'll allow   you to do that so you could do that and you could 
tweak that up ideally we like to have about 20   open rate keep in mind the bigger your list the 
lower your percent open rate is so that's really   largely dependent upon how big your list is you 
get over five or ten thousand people and of course   your open rates gonna be a lot less um than if you 
had you know 300 people on your list or 400 people   on your list your intimacy between you and that 
uh receiver of your email goes down dramatically   the bigger your list gets you know you get email 
lists that have millions of people on them and   their their open rates very low unless you're in 
that category we want to try to shoot for about   20 though number three is click through rate or 
ctr now some people have a real misunderstanding   of what click-through rate is click-through rate 
is based on the number of people that actually   opened your email versus how many people clicked 
in your email a lot of people think it's how many   emails were delivered based on how many people 
clicked and that's not true because just because   it was delivered if that email wasn't open it 
can't be part of click-through rate so please keep   in mind this is only based on people who opened 
your email and people who clicked on your email   what's a good click-through rate we like 
to shoot for about three and a half percent   if we get three and a half percent we 
know we're gonna have thousands of people   looking at our offer and with thousands of people 
looking at our offer we can make a lot of money   okay which is the whole key in marketing online 
hello you want to understand what that rate is we   want to try to get that up as high as possible if 
that click-through rate is not where you want it   to be you need to look at your messaging in your 
email if you're giving up all your information   in the email if you say hey in this video these 
are all the things i cover well nobody's going to   click to watch your video because you just 
told them everything that's in the video   if you say in this video i'll explain why x is 
happening they almost have to click to find out   why x is happening you know we're selling our 
products at half price right now but here's   what happened to cause us to do that click here 
to watch the video oh okay well i want to watch   the video just to see what happened so think about 
it that way your call to actions within your email   are they enticing are they interesting do they 
leave a little bit out so that people have to   click through to find out what the end of the 
story is that's what you want to do inside an   email and that'll improve your click-through rate 
now we get to number four which is conversion   rate what is a conversion rate conversion 
rate is the percent of people who clicked and   the percent of those people who actually converted 
so maybe you're offering a a downloadable pdf   out of the people who clicked to go look at that 
downloadable pdf how many people downloaded it   maybe you're selling a product maybe you're 
selling sweaters or t-shirts out of all the   people who clicked and saw your offer what 
percentage of the people actually bought   a sweater or a t-shirt so you see a conversion 
rate is when people did the action that you really   sent out the email to get them to do a download 
watch a video buy a product opt in for something   that is your conversion rate that's super super 
important because without conversions right you've   just wasted your time a good conversion rate is 
probably not as high as you think it's around two   percent so keep in mind if you have a hundred 
people click uh and you have two conversions   you did well because you got two percent 
that's what two percent of 100 is so keep in   mind guys um you need a big list if you want big 
conversions don't get discouraged if you're only   getting a few sales when you send out an email 
because maybe your list isn't big enough yet   but keep doing it and it will get big enough keep 
putting the products out there keep putting the   content out there keep doing what you're doing 
okay keep doing it trust me it will build it has   built for me over the past decade here's the scary 
one number five is your unsubscribe rate when you   send out an email ultimately once your email list 
gets big enough you're going to have unsubscribers   the question is what is an acceptable unsubscribe 
rate now keep in mind some people may not want   your product anymore maybe they already bought 
your product they don't want to hear about it   anymore maybe they're trying to cut down on how 
many emails they're getting so there's a lot of   reason people will unsubscribe it may not have 
been that one email uh that was the reason they   unsubscribed sometimes i just get too many emails 
from a company and i just unsubscribe because i'm   not interested anymore or i don't like how they're 
writing their emails or whatever the case may be   but we want to try to keep that to bare minimum 
what you want to do is aim for a half a percent   or less half a percent or less if it gets too 
high there's probably a reason for it i'd like   to put up on the screen some of the reasons why 
unsubscribe rates get high now the first one is   your email provider is going to look at different 
things so it could be if you're using something   like cartridge tracking is automatically enabled 
and the campaign report will show the following   directly in admin the delivery rate okay so you 
can look at that and that could be part of your   problem how many subscribers unsubscribed okay 
that's what we just talked about the next one   on here is a click through rate we just talked 
about that how many people are clicking next one   could be how many times the email was reported 
to spam so that's another thing that when you   when you look at cartridge you can see how many 
times people are reporting your emails to spam   next one is how many unique visitors your store 
had from the email next one they're going to see   is how many times a visit to your store from the 
email resulted in items being added to the cart   next one up is how many orders were placed by 
customers visiting your store from the email   and the last one on here is the dollar amount in 
sales made from visits to your store from that   particular email so if you have something like 
cartro man it does a lot of this legwork for you a   lot of hard stuff for you it helps you improve so 
much more so don't forget in the description below   right below there's going to be a link to 
cartridge now that link is not something where   you have to buy it's not something we have to give 
up your email it is a video you can watch that   shows you what kartra will do for you watch the 
video from beginning to end once you do i think   you're going to see the value in it cartridge 
is an amazing software it's one of the few   things that i choose to be an affiliate with and i 
think you're going to love it so click it watch it   if you do like it you can get cartridge for only 
one dollar through my affiliate link one dollar   one dollar is pretty cheap so do check that out 
and check out kartra guys thank you so much for   watching this video i want to hear your comments 
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