ūüď°9 internet tools to acquire more eCommerce customers in 2021 (part 2 of 2)

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nine internet tools to acquire more e-commerce 
customers in 2021 this is part two of two if   you haven't watched part one you'll wanna go back 
and do that you don't have to watch these in order   calm down you can stay here right now but you do 
want to watch the other video in this video i'm   going to go through six through nine and i think 
you're going to get some real value here because   by the time you're done you're going to find ways 
that you can instantly get more business to your   ecommerce site so let's get going but before we 
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this the first one i want to tell you about   is called dialogue now this is really super cool 
i want you to think of dialogue as an ai version   of a person helping your customer in a store 
pretty neat huh let's jump in here let's take   a look at it let me show you some stuff it does 
okay so it kind of says how can i help you dialog   uses an ai powered algorithm to match customers 
with the ideal message they need to see it starts   by analyzing user behavior and from there it 
uses the data to inform content suggestions   it can use to help them along multiple stages of 
the customer journey now here's an example of it   i've got on the screen right here right now pretty 
cool stuff right because it's actually talking   to this customer it creates a conversation 
with customers once you implement dialogue   that's pretty much it you sit back and let 
the tool do its work the result is a stickier   website that automatically matches customers with 
what they need to see does it work well according   to some statistics specific recommendations have 
a major impact on the way shoppers interact with   e-commerce for example 37 percent of shoppers that 
simply click a recommendation during their first   visit would return that's compared to 19 percent 
who didn't click a recommendation at all giving   somebody a recommendation that suits their needs 
makes the interaction feel more real and more   memorable if the recommendation is on point a 
customer feels like you get it it's especially   good for retail dialogue's product recommendation 
feature is intuitive for browsers the same way it   might work in a brick and mortar store stores that 
need to increase sales via cross-selling will also   benefit from ai learning if you can't quite figure 
out what your customers want consider letting   dialogue do it for you the next one i want to talk 
to you about is called paid and their their slogan   is goodbye influencers hello customers what this 
actually does is it pairs creators with companies   different way of doing it to collaborate on their 
campaigns let's jump in there and take a look at   it real quick creators there include a wide range 
of content experts from writers and freelancers to   social media influencers it features its own 
centralized communication platform complete   with goals and metrics so you can target a 
specific creator's audience with ease why is   it so important well in the future google is going 
to crack down on customer tracking for advertising   purposes this is only going to make it harder for 
companies to advertise to highly specific niches   but if you work with a creator with a well-defined 
audience your advertisements can be as relevant   as you want if 2022 is going to change digital 
advertising permanently it only makes sense to   invest in the future now nearly 40 percent 
of marketers already rate content marketing   like this as a very important part of their 
strategy sponsored influencers already comprise   almost eight billion dollars in the market i think 
you need to get involved in this type of thing   the next thing i want to talk to you about is 
referral candy i love referral candy it goes about   it the best way essentially what it does is it 
helps you set up a referral program you probably   have thought about doing this before and you 
thought oh my gosh it's gonna be so complicated   to do a referral program i don't know how to do 
it referral candy will do it for you let's jump in   there and let's see what it'll do it helps you set 
up your referral program for your store basically   their mission is getting your customers to refer 
your store to their friends in about 10 minutes   the candy in this case includes the incentives you 
use to make your store worthy of a social share   referral candy does this by connecting your store 
through a platform like shopify or big commerce   from there you can set up shop rewards for 
referrals and motivate word of mouth marketing   with rewards like cash or discounts word of mouth 
marketing okay check this out is the primary   factor behind 20 to 50 of all buying decisions its 
influence is greatest when consumers are buying a   product for the first time or when products are 
relatively expensive factors that tend to make   people conduct more research seek more opinions 
and deliberate longer than they otherwise would   word of mouth marketing is the oldest form of 
social proof marketing in existence and it hasn't   gone anywhere yet it's just as relevant these days 
when 59 of shoppers trust offline recommendations   another 49 said that online word of mouth is 
highly credible too now here's your statistics   right here check this out word of mouth marketing 
influences 54 of buying decisions 59 of users   trust online recommendations even if not from 
friends consumers trust friend recommendations   seven times more than digital advertising and 
84 of users trust family friend recommendations   when making a purchase this is just something 
you've got to get involved in it's super super   important now that was number eight if you're 
keeping track okay we're only we're gonna go down   to number nine in just a second but i want you to 
think about this choosing rewards is not as hard   as you think um it can be anything from um you 
know handing out cash uh discounts free shipping   a percentage discount on things you have ways that 
you can discount your product and some people say   well if i discount it anymore i won't make any 
money well here's the thing as long as you can   be in the black okay as long as you can get that 
sale you've got to look more long-term i think   people don't do that um they think well my gosh 
i've only made you know 20 on this 300 sale but   if you made 20 you've made a sale and the odds 
of that person buying from you again have gone up   exponentially so you need to do these things guys 
you need to offer these things to your customer   and this referral program can send you into 
the profit zone promise you now you can connect   this particular thing uh once it's set up 
to be automated with an email automation   software now i'll tell you over the past decade 
i have tried a lot of email automation software   a lot of them i've tried mailchimp and 
i've tried constant contact and i've tried   infusionsoft which is now keep and i've got to 
tell you i found the best one and i'm saving the   best thing for last and that's number nine number 
nine is cartridge guys please please please listen   to me on this one you gotta get carter now i 
will put a link below where you can actually   get kartra and try it out for one dollar you've 
got to try if i'm just bought into it you would   want to try it out right for one dollar kartra 
will do these email automations for you so that   when you integrate these automation things to get 
more sales it will send out the emails and drive   more traffic automatically once you've set this 
stuff up you don't have to do anything at all   it automatically takes your customer through this 
journey it offers them discounts it gets them to   do referrals all these things that you want to 
do on your site and that's why i save this for   last is you've got to have a good automation email 
and cartridge is by far the best one out there now   not only is it an automation email but you can set 
up funnels in there you can automate your emails   to go out to people based on where they click 
what they bought all these things are automated   in cartridge not to mention you can build sales 
pages in there you can have courses in there you   could have videos in there the possibilities are 
endless you've got to get cartridge did i have i   haven't pressed that upon you enough yet okay so 
let's just look at cartridge for one second here   there's a lot of things to like about karcher 
specifically the absolute all-in-one platform   they have it goes far beyond just designing 
a website landing page or sending an email   they cover all the bases from websites landing 
pages email marketing automation and sequences   and tagging funnels simple e-commerce digital 
downloads membership sites help desk scheduling   forms affiliates and now an agency solution if 
you would like to consolidate the many platforms   you use cartridge can handle 95 of everything 
you throw at it i got to tell you we went from   eight different pieces of software eight different 
pieces of software down to one when we got   cartridge wouldn't you like to do that let's check 
this out a little bit more their support group on   facebook is second to none they truly care about 
their people i i met and knew the owners of this   particular company and they really do care i mean 
they care about their customer they're amazing you   can basically do everything you need in e-commerce 
or even if you're selling digital products maybe   you're selling digital products you're not doing 
physical products and i know this is all about   you know physical products we're talking about 
e-commerce but you may have some digital products   too that's the other cool thing about cartrip 
you can actually put your digital products in   kartra and have people actually buy the product 
on a cartridge page and as soon as they buy   it your system and cartridge will actually 
email them out all of their login information   for their digital products in addition to that and 
i know this isn't all about digital products but   it will monitor as they go through your digital 
product so let's say you have uh six modules with   four videos in each module it will show you 
inside cartridge exactly how far they've gone   into the program and maybe you have a 
money back guarantee where you say hey   if you go through my course and you don't get 
the results you want we'll give your money back   well cartridge can monitor if they go through 
the course and it's helped us out a lot on   refunds because we've had people say well i went 
through the course and it didn't do what i wanted   and i would go back and check and i would 
say well here's a screenshot of you know your   login and you haven't been through the course 
you haven't even started the course yet and when   they're faced with that a lot of times they'll 
say oh okay i guess i clicked in the wrong area or   whatever but that has helped us tremendously with 
refunds guys because some people will actually   you know buy something with the intent of 
refunding okay so uh this will help you with that   also i can't recommend kartra enough if nothing 
else do me a favor look in the description below   you're going to see a link for cartridge but you 
don't have to give your email you don't have to   give your credit card anything click on the link 
and just watch the video just watch the video   come back to this video and put a comment below 
what did you think of that video what did you   think of that software i haven't had a single 
person watch that video where they didn't say   yeah i need that i got to get that that's pretty 
cool so just watch the video in my description   below and i think you'll be really satisfied so 
like i said this is a part two of two but i also   have a bonus for you since you've gone this far is 
there's a link below for a 97 course and you can   click on it and get it absolutely free now since 
this is part two you do want to go back and watch   part one if you haven't done so in part one i 
go through one through five this video i went   through six through nine make sure you get them 
all get all these things okay all these things   are gonna help you out you don't have to do them 
all at once i said that in the first video you   can do one of these you can pick two of these but 
pick something do something to automate your site   to make more money this year i can promise you if 
you do these things you will make more money and   you'll make more sales if you enjoyed this video 
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