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digital marketing course for beginners
part 2. Do you want to know digital marketing because it is the
up-and-coming thing now this is part two of digital marketing for beginners if
you haven't watched part one go back and watch part one you'll need to know that
as you watch this video too so it's really important that you get 1 and 2
there's four of these videos all together so make sure you watch all four
of them they're all gonna be in this playlist there seems to be this really
misplaced fear of Technology there shouldn't be any fear it's something
that's gonna make your life easier you gotta understand this and you can
benefit from it because a lot of people are scared of it so if you're not and
you learn it you can make money in this video I'm gonna continue to teach you
guys how to do digital marketing hey I'm J.R.

Fisher welcome to this channel I
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2009 I've sold millions of dollars of both digital and physical products and
digital marketing has really helped me now this is really your channel I want
you to put your comments below what do you like about this video what have you
tried to do what do you know about digital marketing what questions do you
have put those comments below now I want to I want to go over there's really two
areas of digital marketing there's online digital marketing and there's
offline digital marketing I want to break those two down so you understand
every single component there are seven big categories of online marketing those
are search engine optimization better known as SEO there is search engine
marketing better known as SEM there is content marketing where you're gonna
actually put some content online there is social media marketing better known
as s mm there's pay-per-click advertising better known as PPC there is
affiliate marketing and lastly there is email marketing now I want to put this
infographic up on the screen this is done by Unbounce and they kind of break
down all these different categories you can kind of see what all these areas are
there are basically four categories of digital offline marketing the first one
I'd like to call enhanced offline marketing now this may be where you go
into a restaurant and the patrons of the restaurant can actually use an iPad to
order food and read on the menu now this is something that kind of enhances their
experience next there's actually radio marketing that's mr.

pexels photo 6476372

Bertoni you can
thank him for that and then we don't want to forget
television marketing right that is enhanced marketing using an electronic
device and then next is probably the most irritating type of marketing and
that is phone marketing and I know I get calls on my phone all the time and it
really drives me crazy now think about it what is the difference an enhanced
offline marketing in New York City or Arizona the size the product no not at
all it's actually three letters l-e-d light-emitting diodes now if you think
about it in Times Square there's a lot of signs there and the way you're gonna
compete in Times Square is by having a brighter bigger you know more elaborate
billboard than somebody else but if you're in Arizona in the desert if you
have a billboard you can compete that's all it really takes but you think of the
value to in a place like Times Square where there's over 300,000 people that
cross through it each day then that value is much higher because you're
getting your message in front of a lot more people now renting a billboard in
Times Square can cost you anywhere from 1 million to 4 million dollars let's
talk about radio marketing for a second for over a hundred years we have been
advertising on the radio and radio still here may not be in as big as a factor as
it used to be but it's still here did you know that radio still reaches 85
percent of the population every single week the people who listened they
listened to up to two hours a day that's a lot of ads as a matter of fact 40% of
the radio advertising worldwide is right in the United States now there's other
competitors out there now like Pandora and they've got 80 million users so
that's a big chunk of that radio revenue so they're not near as profitable as
they used to be but you know it's it's very similar when when people say things
like emails dead or radios dead it's not dead it's just not what it was maybe you
know a number of years ago so we don't want to forget these ways of advertising
because they really do still work they just don't work in the same way or maybe
they don't reach as many people maybe they're not quite as effective but
they're still very very effective now a really cool way to do ads on the radio
is to actually advertise before the show starts when people tune in for a
particular show they're gonna want to watch that show if you put your ads at
the end of that show or in the middle of that show you're less likely to actually
hit your target audience but if you put it in right before that show starts most
people will tune in before the actual show starts so this is kind of a hack of
making sure more people will actually hear your ad on a radio if you want to
actually get your product or service in front of people since social media is so
big nowadays it's pretty easy to actually get your presence on one of
these shows and most of them will actually negotiate with you they want
advertisers now or better yet a lot of will actually do an interview with you
because they need content for their show so if you're offering to talk about a
service like I own a survival food company so if you offer to go in there
and talk about something that's helpful like the situation in the world now and
we sell survival food so that situation in the world now which I don't think I
can say what it is or you know YouTube may block my ads or something but when
you're talking about situations like what's going in the world now and I have
a product like survival food many of them see that as a public interest
interview and a lot of times you can get a free interview now keep in mind if
you're doing an interview or you're doing an ad or anything the important
part is that you entertain to a particular degree you have to be
interesting you can't be boring you can't be mundane you can't do these
things people need to be entertained it's been proven that people who are
entertained during an advertisement are much more likely to
buy the product than people who just put a product out there and talk about the
features and benefits so do your best to be entertaining this can be funny this
could be scary this could be warnings it could be all kinds of different stuff
but you've got to be entertaining when you're doing these interviews or when
you're doing these ads you cannot leave out that component it is so so very
important I think you'll agree that the commercials that we see on TV today the
ads that we hear on the radio nowadays are a whole lot more entertaining than
they used to be they're gonna be funny or they're gonna try to speak to you as
an individual I think of you know GEICO insurance and all the different types of
commercials they have I also think of progressive insurance and flow and all
the characters they have involved in that or Liberty Insurance where they're
always stand there with the Statue of Liberty behind them and something
funny's going on all of these advertisers have figured out that they
need to be entertaining they're selling a really boring product I mean insurance
is a very very boring product okay there's not much excitement to that the
way insurance works is you know you pay me over and over and then when you die
you know we'll pay you or when you get a car wreck we'll pay you so it's not
really an exciting product to sell but you can make it entertaining and you can
make it funny and make people more likely to buy from your brand I think of
somebody like Joe Rogan who has you know done a podcast for 11 years now and he's
primarily built his whole podcast on interviewing interesting people that
nobody else thought was interesting so he's done that and he's now sold out and
made millions of dollars on his podcast just because he stuck to it and he did
an entertaining show and he worked hard at it and he constantly improved so
that's what you have to do with your advertising too in the next video I want
to talk to you a little bit more about TV marketing and you know you may think
well I'm not gonna advertise radio I'm not gonna advertise TV I'm just gonna do
some Facebook Ads you need to go through all these components you may find some
real good alternatives for you to advertise your products and services and
you need to be educated on it you want to be totally educated on digital
marketing so that when you go out into the market whether you're selling your
product or somebody else's you have all the tools you need I really appreciate
you listening to this video and do me a favor if you haven't done so already
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are notified thank you so much for listening put your comments below let me
know what you think about these forms of advertising we've talked about here let
me know what you're doing for advertising and what you'd like to do if
you have questions put those in the comments below thank you so much for
listening and I'll see you in part 3 the next video

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