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Online marketing made easy eight step guide. Hey guys, in this video, I'm gonna talk about
online marketing and I'm going to give you my eight step guide on how to talk about the
different ways you can market online, what you can do, how to do it and how to be successful. And we're starting right now. Hey, don't forget to subscribe my channel
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you like this video. Hey, so let's talk about the different ways
that we can market online. The very first one is pay per click pay per
click. Okay? Now this is a form of advertising.

That's been out for years and years and years,
but it's important that you understand the concept of pay per click. So unlike other forms of advertising, where
you may have to pay to put an ad somewhere, pay-per-click you only pay when somebody actually
clicks one of your ads. And I want to show you some examples of this,
so you can see what no I'm talking about. Okay. So right here looked at some of the keywords
and I put record player. Now, if I wanted to use the word record player
in my ads, when somebody searched record player on Google, they would see ads along with their
organic search results. Okay? So here's an example right here. I searched record player and you can see an
ad at the top. You can see ads on the sides right there. So those are the ones where if I clicked on
one of those off to the side or at the top there with that particular advertiser would
actually have to pay a fee.

Every time somebody clicked on one of those
ads. Now, if you're advertising on Facebook, they
go one step further. They let you actually pick an audience because
they're always getting information and data from Facebook users and they let you pick
an audience to target. So let's take a look at that real quick. Okay. So here I am at Facebook and it's got new
audience, got people on Facebook here, but as you can see, I could target all these pages
right here. Um, these are page likes that people liked. So maybe I wanted to target people who like
these particular pages, because this system also determines the relevance and validity
of advertisements that appear on their search engine result.

Pages, uh, platforms will prioritize the searcher's
interest over the other advertisers based on these particular criteria. Okay. Number two, let's get into email marketing. I have heard so many times over the past 10,
11 years, I've been online making money. That email marketing is dead. It's not dead. Okay. It's, it's one of the best forms of advertising. There is. As a matter of fact, uh, it usually will bring
back on average 122% of what you spend.

It is the most profitable thing you can do
online to advertise. And that is email marketing. Okay. Check this out. I want you to look at this real quick. Um, this is an ad that looks like helm boots
ran. Um, what you're able to do is nurture your
subscribers with useful content announcements, giveaways, that type of thing, but you can
also your sales using email segmentation. Um, this is where you create groups of subscribers
called segments based on the preferences or the stage of the marketing funnel they're
in. And what they're offering here is $50 off
your first pair. First, last name, email, and then click sign
up and they give you 50 bucks. Now understand that 50 bucks is off a sale. So they're not going to give you the $50 until
you actually buy something. So what they're essentially saying is we want
your information.

We want to market to you. And if you buy something, we'll give you money. Okay? If you buy something, but we're going to pay
you $50 to get your name and email, because we know our boots started 150 or 200. Maybe it's a break. Even for them, maybe they lose a little bit
of money, but if they can get you in the buying mode, they also know that if you buy one item,
you're probably gonna buy two, three, four, or five.

It's a whole lot easier to get somebody to
buy. Once they've already purchased from your company
than if it's the first time sale. The next thing number three is social media
marketing, social media marketing is where you just jump into the social media. Maybe you're on Facebook. Maybe you're on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,
whatever it is. And you put your products out there, you put
your services out there. You can put your content out there. And the social network out there kind of gobbles
it up.

As a matter of fact, according to this, I'll
put it on the screen right now. Uh, daily active social media users is 3.5
billion people and understand there's only 7 billion people in the world. That's half the world's population. Social media users, uh, equates to about 45%
of the population. And that was an estimate in 2019, remember
inbound, social media marketing focuses on building a community. So that's what you want to be able to do. Now check this out. This is a social media post by Oberlo. And I want you to take a look at it. Uh, it says a successful drop shippers have
one thing in common. They identify trending products before the
rest of the market catches on. The truth is you can do this too. Nope, no crystal ball required just use these
five steps to find products that are about to explode step one. And they go through these different steps
here. And then of course you can actually click. You can comment. You can share on this. And all they're really doing is they're giving
you good content and they're giving you good feelings about this company.

Oberlo who is Oberlo you check into it before
you know it, you're using Uber. Now here is an outbound way of using social
media bio. Birla where they're actually paying for an
ad. They're not just doing a post let's check
this out. I want to start e-commerce business, but don't
know what to sell. Choose from thousands of products at Oberlo
and instantly start selling on Shopify. Now, all you have to do is click here and
it's going to take you to Oberlo and you can set it up with your Shopify store and boom,
they've got a new customer. Number four is influencer marketing. Okay? What is an influencer? An influencer can be anybody that has a fairly
large audience. And what fairly large is could be, you know,
a thousand people. It could be 10,000. It could be millions like a Kim Kardashians,
but I can tell you this. If Kim Kardashians posts that she likes this
bell, and she's going to put a link to this bell and you can get 10% off today, she'll
probably generate millions of dollars in a single day because she's a mass, this audience
of trust.

And that's what you want to cultivate to as
an audience of trust, constantly be helping your audience constantly be doing things for
your audience. But before you do that, you can actually use
one of these influencers to market your products. Some of them charge big fees, some of them
small fees, but you can start off small and use these influence marketers. And you can get sales almost immediately. Let's talk about advertising online. Let's go over to, I have a chart. I want to show you.

pexels photo 3194519

Um, here it is. Uh, and what this is because Google is by
far the most popular search engine in the world with a massive market share of 79.77%. I think they kind of own the market. Look at Yahoo down there. Yahoo used to be the biggest one. And then bang was pretty big. But then Google came along and Baidu is the
one in China. That's their search engine that is actually
censored. So you don't get to see everything. Uh, but that's also a big search engine. Second, only to Google, but Google really
just crushes them. Now, the next thing you can do is content
marketing. And essentially, that's what I'm doing right
now. While you're watching this video, you're getting
free content. You're seeing something that's going to help
you out. That's going to make you money online. And then if you decide to buy courses, which
I sell courses there in the description below, if you wanna check them out, but if you decide
to buy courses, you know what? You're going to get you already watching this

You know, you're getting something of value. So the courses are obviously going to be even
more valuable and you can learn more and you can make more, this is content marketing. You can do this in form of blogs. You can do this in four videos. Um, you could send emails, all of that content,
but all that content needs to be helpful to your audience.

And if it is, you'll build a following and
you'll sell your product. Number seven is remarketing remarketing. What's remarketing marketing is actually reaching
out to the people that have already had some contact with your particular business. So for example, let's say somebody comes to
your webpage and they've looked at something on your webpage. Maybe they went to buy Jr fisher.com. Uh, and I am doing a webinar. I want people to go to. I could actually say, Hey, I just want people
to see this who have been to this URL, this website, and that website could be anything
with Jr fisher.com in it.

So that way I know these people have already
been to Jr fisher.com. And now I want to put my ad in front of them
because I know they already have an interest that is remarketing to people that are already
out there. And number eight is going to be test, test,
test, test, test, test. You gotta test. That's how this works. Um, when you're doing ads online, when you're
doing marketing online, you're going to have to try different things. Not everything's going to work. And that's, that's what really kills beginners
is they'll try six or seven things and none of them work and they go, well, this doesn't

I'm like, no, you just haven't tried enough
yet. You know, it may take you 20 different things
to find one. That's going to get you a little traction. Then once you've got a little traction, you
can put more effort into that. One thing, an example would be, let's say
I run an ad on YouTube, which I do run ads on YouTube. And I've picked 50 keywords, 50 that I'm going
to target. Now add to that 50 words, you know, maybe
only six or seven of them get real interest in are affordable for me to keep marketing
to, well, those are the ones that I'm gonna spend more money on.

And then I'm going to turn off all the rest
of those other keywords. Now you're going to say, well, you wasted
money on all these keywords that didn't work today. Or I said, no, I ruled out all the ones that
didn't work. And it costs me some money to figure out how
to do that. That's how marketing works. And you're going to have to constantly test
guys. This is how it works online. I hope this is helping you out. I hope you understand this a little bit better. Marketing online takes a lot of effort, but
it can be very profitable because once you stumble on those few things that do work,
they, you can just put a lot of money into them and they really just blow up and they
make you a whole lot of money. Uh, and that's what I really enjoy doing is
uncovering all those little nuggets out there, finding those little things.

Um, I'm filming these videos today. And just a couple of minutes ago, my wife
came in cause she controlling the camera and doing all that. And she said, uh, I've got a new customer
for dog training. She does dog training. I said, it's great. Uh where'd you get them? And they said, well, it's somebody in the
neighborhood. And I'm like, well, what do they know? We live here. They said, no. Uh, they had actually watched her YouTube
videos on YouTube and they liked what they saw. And they tried some of the things and they
got results. See, that's the point they gave, they got
results. And now they want to get more one-on-one training
from her, uh, to come to the house and do something. Okay. She doesn't do that very often. She's very selective about that because she
has courses online and that's very time consuming. But the point is that all came from content
marketing, which I just told you about.

And there's a prime example right there. I've had people buy my courses who say, Hey,
I've been watching your videos for five years, for five years. And then I decided to buy your course and
spend a thousand dollars. So what you're doing is you're planting seeds. Every time you do something out there, you're
planting seeds. Don't look at it as a loss. If you ran a bunch of ads for three months,
it didn't make any money because you know, somebody may have seen those ads and watched
your videos. And two years later, they buy from you. That's how it works online. It's not instantaneous. Sometimes it is, but not always. And that's something you've got to realize. You just keep moving forward because this
stuff works. That's the biggest problem I have is convincing
new people. This stuff works. It really does. If you want more information about courses,
I have, I do have some links below. I've also got a free course down there. It's a $97 course. You can get it absolutely free by just clicking
the link on it.

No credit card required. You just click and learn. It's that simple. Uh, what else I got for you? Don't forget to subscribe. Yeah. If that subscribe button is red, you need
to click it, turn it gray and turn on all bell notifications. Turn all bell notifications. So you're notified every single time I go
live or I do a new video upload that way. You know about it. I really appreciate you watching this. I want to have your input. They'll put some comments below. Tell me what you think about marketing online. What did you think about these steps? I just gave you a simple to do, you know,
hard to do. What do you think? Have you tried some of them, have they worked
out for you or maybe you've just got a question about growing your business. Feel free to put that below and I'll be happy
to answer you. Thank you so much for listening this video. I really appreciate it. And I'll see you in the next one..

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