ūüďć8 secret steps to create high converting CTA buttons (Part 2 of 2)

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eight secret steps to create high converting cta 
buttons this is video two of two now video one   the link for that will be down in the description 
if you haven't watched it i highly recommend you   doing it because in that video i go into detail 
about cta buttons i describe them i show you how   to create them and all that good stuff in this 
video we're going to do steps five through eight   and we're going to continue on with our training 
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go live okay let's get back into this the most   effective cta buttons are going to be tied to 
the last action that the person did now this   may include placing your button in the next step 
of the progression so maybe they go through a   whole chunk of text and as they get through all of 
that text there's a button for them to continue on   it only makes sense to the brain let's take a 
look at an example and put on the screen right now   so as you create your ctas remember 
you want to tailor the placement   on your site and how the users are going to move 
through it keeping the user behavior and flow in   mind when determining how to place your ctas will 
maximize the chances that they fall directly in   line with your visitors browsing habits so as a 
result you're going to make it even easier for   the visitors to take action and click on your 
buttons that's what you want our number six   tip is don't make your cta buttons compete with 
other things on the page if you do that the eye   is going to look at these other items you want to 
make sure that it is the most prominent thing on   the page and i want to show you an example in just 
a second on shopify which i think is phenomenal   but they have really grown that company and one 
of the reasons they've grown that company so much   is they have so many opt-ins they make it so easy 
for people and they do great cta buttons there's   no competition when you do a cta button make 
sure there's a lot of space between that button   and everything else on the page so that it's not 
so close to all this other information that may   confuse the mind so let's take a look at shopify's 
real quick now here is shopify's page right here   and it says get three months of premium for 99 
cents look at the button look at the button right   there uh and once again it color didn't matter 
did it because this is a white button here it's   that giant go premium button though nothing else 
on the page commands nearly as much of attention   uh as that button does as a matter of fact there 
really isn't that many other things on the page   that somebody could do but click on the button 
so the same is true for this next page i want   to show you right here the hot pink cta at the 
bottom of the page has plenty of white space   and the page is designed to draw attention to it 
naturally the only other element that stands out   quite as much is the other hot pink butt the 
page and that button directs the users to take   the same action so they've got two spots 
you could do it now let's take a look at   a service based company landing page this 
particular one here is which button would   you click which one would you click well this may 
depend on your level of interest in the company   however if you're part of their target audience i 
think it's gonna be pretty easy to figure it out   um the other one on there is uh self-defeating 
double cta why would you even put a self-defeating   double cta on there it's the same thing both of 
these buttons go to the same place so why would   you do that to yourself you don't want to give 
them a choice like that you don't want to confuse   them because when they have choices they may say 
well you know right now i'm not quite sure what   i want to do so i'm going to hold off that's not 
what you want in their head keeping with the same   example you want to link to maybe case studies 
that could be more effective down the road that   type of thing but don't make a competing button 
i can't believe they even did that that just   makes no sense to me i i don't understand why you 
would have a competing button on there but some   sites do that they think that um if they have two 
different calls to action that they'll get more   opt-ins when in fact they're gonna get less if 
you have a different call to action as opposed   to the other call to action and they're basically 
leading you to the same spot number seven is use   first person language people want to know that 
you're talking directly to them that's what   they're looking for in the ad copy that's what 
they're looking for in your blogs your videos   your your call to action buttons they want to know 
that you're talking to them and i want to give you   an example of that and how we can change a button 
to make it even better so you don't want to talk   at them you want to talk to them let me put a 
graphic up on the screen i'll show you exactly   what i mean now check this out the result is going 
to cause a transformation like this so the result   is more enticing on our better one why because 
it's already personalized ownership of the user   the first one just says view your dashboard but 
if it says view my dashboard that's even better   that one little word change right there another 
conversion killer you should look out for is we   according to word stream that's a really really 
bad one when you use the word we you take the   focus of your message off the solution that you're 
presenting when you use the word we you may be   thinking that you're creating this community this 
group of people but people want to be talked to   one on one when you say my dashboard or my website 
or my course or my training that is going to speak   to them on their level and that's exactly what 
you want to do now we're down to number eight   and number eight is very important you want 
to be super super super super super specific   we want specificity if you do that you're going 
to get better results now i'm going to show you an   example where the company said deals and then they 
changed it to more specific things and it said 104   deals so let's take a look at that right now look 
at the differences the first button says deals the   second button stated a specific number of deals 
such as this example that says 104 deals see that   up there at the top okay cool guess which one 
performed better the second version gave them a   dramatic increase in clicks for their deals pages 
all because they made it even more interesting by   generating curiosity with a specific offer they 
increased conversions and discovered a new tactic   for future use you need to a b test this stuff 
and the only way to a b test this stuff is to   really have good software the software i'm going 
to recommend to you is cartrick hey a-r-t-r-a   do not go directly to their page use my affiliate 
link below my affiliate link when you click it is   going to allow you to watch a video and on that 
video is going to go through everything cartridge   does but one of the big things it does is it does 
a b split testing it can be done in emails it can   be done on sales pages it can be done on pricing 
all kinds of stuff but here's the cool thing   it does it automatically you don't have to do a 
thing all you have to do is set up the comparison   and not only that if you want it to make the 
decision for you based on how many clicks   it got or how many opt-ins it got or how many 
purchases it got it will even do that for you   too you don't even have to think about it so you 
got to check out kartra go down in the description   look for the link you don't have to opt in you 
don't have to give them your email you don't   have to give them your credit card just click the 
button and watch the video if you like what you   see and i know you will okay you can actually get 
a trial of cartridge for only one single dollar   so you're going to want to check that out go get 
you some kartra it'll make this a whole lot easier   now i want to finish this off with you need to 
test you need to test now i've had people say   well jr i've got a page that's converting now and 
it's already making me money i don't need to test   you always need to test and here's why you always 
need to test because there may be a better page   there may be a better page there may not be on 
your second test or your third test but maybe   your fifth test you do find a better one so it's 
important that you constantly test and when you   test only change one element don't take a page 
and change the headline and the button if you   do that you don't know if it was the headline 
or the button that got you the better results   so it's important that you only test one element 
at a time if you have a page that's converting   and it's working make sure that you only test one 
element maybe you only want to change the headline   maybe you only want to change the button but 
don't change both don't do any other changes   on the page but that one single element if you 
do this and you continually test your pages will   get better and better your call to actions will 
get better and better and you're going to get   better results and you're going to make more money 
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