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hi guys this is nicole with a ginger soul and today i wanted to go over a company i've been using online sales Pro or it's excellent for to generate leads and it works for really any company any product you know whether you're doing internet marketing MLM network marketing it basically it's a follow up system to capture all of your leads and also it enables you to follow up with them in real time so I just wanted to go through the program real quick it's very inexpensive for you know all the tools and the resources that you get so I know many of you you know have multiple streams of income you can really use this for for all of your businesses you know if you want everything all under one roof so just to give you guys a snapshot of the inside once you set up an account and login I'm just going to show you just real quick you have it starts off with you have the dashboard here and i highly recommend doing the trainings if they have facebook training the google training linkedin pinterest twitter the content rebuttals traffic they have script they tell you you know those of you who are you know brand new and this may be your first company it comes with you know what to say what not to say you know in every situation and then it also has the rebuttals here you know i don't have time i mean it pretty much goes through everything so those of you who needs like a hands-on okay I've started a new company now what do I do this is great for for that they also have the affiliate training they have customer training I mean just so many tools and they have the VIP for the VIP members and then it's far once you sign up for the thirty seven dollars it comes with a hold of your site's already made so it's pretty I was just actually shocked with the amount of everything that you got I mean it was it's pretty much a turnkey system like ready to go so you can up here you can choose which kind of template that you want and then you go into these that you have a my pages section and in here you can they're pretty much all of these landing pages are already built and then you can just change out the name or if you're promoting OSP or online sales Pro you know you can use our they're already built in funnels the third party funnels are up here those of you who are doing MLM trifecta internet royalty system access Lamu see MCA easy one up digital altitude and reverse submissions you know these all of these are already built for you so the digital altitude you just add in your link right here and I mean it's pretty much ready to go you just click on this right here and Jason stone here all right so that just kind of goes into so then this would be my link right here so you would actually add in this link and this are already so you can do that with really any company for easy one up I mean these are already pre-built funnels ready to go so let's see community these are also already built more lead capture pages if you want more of like a webinar version you can use this pretty much ready to go experts such as Robert Kiyosaki believe for the first time in history we're gonna turn left preciate disparity the dream of for working 40 hours a week for 40 years is over it's a very south CBS News published you're going to need two million dollars in your bank savings to retire making early retirement fantasy it isn't going to happen kissaki also states there will be no middle class the rich your engines are getting poorer so what's your action plan where are you going to lie where you going to leave yourself you're gonna work oh no I'm ready to go and you just lost me you can put any YouTube video here you can just put the youtube link here what it and then you can make money you would save exploit you can order a job and be pledged elf employed communities I'm not gonna name this one but I'm or you can be an investor ninety-five percent of population by on the left side of the quadrant they only control five percent of the money ninety-five percent of the wealth so let's see that was under community they also have I mean just tons of next page pretty much any designer layout that you're looking for they have everything already set up so you might have to swap out like a company name or whatever products you're promoting and then you can use these you know ready to go landing pages so then they have the autoresponder and if you currently have an autoresponder you would just basically link with aweber active campaign MailChimp get response now lifestyle com and you would just get that integrate your your current autoresponder with this system so all the leads go into your current autoresponder and then under this section here are all of your leads here that come into the system and they also the main tools is they have an app and the app is super beneficial because it's all live in real time so it allows you to follow up with your leads in real time so once you sign up for the program you'll download the app and do mostly most of all of your work right on your phone and then here are is all the trainings part 1 through 8 list building full of secrets part 1 through 7 and then affiliate training social market media secrets another 7 course training top affiliate secret seven course training and this is a hundred-dollar video challenge and then they go through extensive facebook marketing organic piece of marketing training they go through all the Twitter training and then video tracked and strategy so there's quite a bit of training for those of you who are brand new and you know maybe new to this it definitely goes over a lot of things that are super beneficial and then we'll see that's the Welcome this just goes through the how-to videos and explains everything in more detail how to get support marketing guys overview dashboard scripts and rebuttals overview I mean anything how do you share clothes how to set up your funnel beta and then you're the training calls you'll get you'll want to join the training calls those if you've missed them you can go back and listen to them but those happen every couple days here's all the different training calls that have all taken place that are recorded and the online store here you can put all of your the different programs that you currently do into your back store so that way other team members and so forth can get information and you can promote like I said you know this software works with any company any product so I mean you can put all of your company's underneath this one lead management software tool so it's definitely extremely helpful and then here it's the VIP program and let's see the affiliate section you feel it section this is basically just your all of your funnels so I mean that when you sign up it comes pre made and ready to go for you you pick you what you want your URL to be so other than that everything comes ready to go so if you want to preview these are all of your different funnels or your capture pages you can promote for OSP and then the demos here your third-party funnels are all here those are all that those all come ready to go promote your sales packages these are all the the sales packages and these are all of the webinars so I'm sorry as well it looks like there's just one webinar that comes ready to go I mean you can create hundreds of in the matter of five or 10 minutes and then the way that it works you know obviously if you're going to promote your own company whatever that company's pain but if you want to promote this company online sales Pro they pay thirty seven dollars for every sign up so you get paid twenty dollars every sign up and see and that's really about it I mean it's it's an excellent resource to try and stay organized to try and follow up on your leads and hopefully it can really help you out and jump start your business and definitely capturing all the leads and so forth so I hope you found this video helpful don't forget to subscribe to the subscribe button below if you haven't already and stay tuned i'll have more upcoming videos this week and look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow thanks again bye bye Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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