💵How to use digital marketing to make over 6 figures a year starting with no experience

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How do you use digital marketing to make over
six figures a year, starting with no experience. Okay. So I think gone are the days of finding
a great job, making six figures a year. Now, are there six figure jobs out there? Yes,
there certainly are, but they're gonna make you work for it. Believe me. They're really
gonna make work for it. Digital marketing has changed all that. They've changed all
that because with digital marketing, if you learn a few skills, you can make six figures.
A year six figures is a good number. I think it's a good number for most people.

If you
start with six figures, you can always build on that. Uh, and you can double that and triple
that and whatever you want to do with that. But it's a good number to start with. So in
this video, I'm gonna show you how you can use digital marketing. Yes. With no experience, you'll have to learn
a few things. Okay. Uh, but how you can make six figures a year with digital marketing.
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right into this digital marketing thing. One of the first ways you could make many online
with digital marketing is content marketing, content marketing.

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is information. Okay. People do a search query and they're trying to figure
out, uh, I don't know what the best blender for their kitchen is. They're trying to find out what the best carpet
is for their house, whatever it is. They go out there and they do some research and they
come across content. And within this tent, they may explain what that product is. And
then they may have a link that goes back to that product, where that content marketer,
the person who wrote that information actually gets paid.

When somebody buys that product.
Now you may think that's a tough way to sell products, but actually it's pretty easy because
once you've built this one piece of content, once these people go to this piece of content,
they can generate sales over and over again. And you've only published one piece of content.
So content marketing, it's a great way to make money. You can use it for comparison
of products. You can use it for review of products. You can use it for whatever you
want to talk about products and services. And when people click, you get paid, the next
way to make money with digital marketing is Bo logging. Blogging is nothing more than
you writing your opinions about something.

It could be about travel to different countries.
It could be about food. It could be about, uh, entertainment. It could be about anything
you want, but within that blog, you're gonna have links. And those links when clicked,
you could be paid by the number of clicks. You could be paid in the form of affiliate,
uh, income. When people buy the products or use the service, and all you've done is written
a blog of your opinion of some things out there. Some products, some services, some
travel, whatever it is, blogging is another great way to make money with digital marketing.
Next one, up website, designing website, designing here's the truth. Every business should have
a website.

I mean, we expect them to, right? Every business
should have a website and you can learn how to build website. As a matter of fact on this
channel here, I have a video that teaches you how to do a WordPress website in 10 minutes.
Okay. 10 minutes. Um, so you could approach local businesses who already have a website
and say, Hey, I can improve your website. You could approach local businesses who don't
have websites and say, I could build you a website. Um, but bottom line is building websites
for people is a exploding business. And you can charge anywhere from $500 to 5 million
for a website, depending on how intricate that website is. Uh, small businesses are
a great way to do it. And don't think local don't think, well, you know, I live in Tallahassee,
Florida, so I'm gonna help Tallahassee, Florida businesses.

Your, your proximity to them has
nothing to do with it. You can help businesses in Washington state.
You can help businesses in Boston or California or Texas. It doesn't matter where you're at
because everything's done online. Next one, up for making money with digital marketing
is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is awesome. Now affiliate marketing can be
used with some of the other forms. I've just talked to you about, you know, maybe you have
a blog and you, when I talk about products and you have affiliate links in there, you
could make money that way. Uh, on this video right here on YouTube, below in the description,
I have affiliate links to Amazon for some of the products I use. Some of the books I
recommend when you click those links, I actually make money on that.

Uh, in addition to that,
maybe you have a product and you want affiliates to sell your product, do that. Uh, I have survival food. I have a lot of
survival food out there. Uh, and I have different people who sell our products for survival
food. So there's, there's a whole plethora of ways to make money with affiliate marketing.
Uh, you can go to a site like ClickBank, where they have a whole bunch of different products.
You can promote the products that are on ClickBank that have already been proven. They've already
done sales agents for you. They've already done emails for, you've done all this extra
work for you. And all you have to do is go out and promote it. Next up is social media
marketing. Now I know you, some of you out there are really good at social media marketing.
And you know why I know that because you do posts and you get a lot of likes and you get
a lot of comments and you get a lot of shares.

If you've got that at ability, if you've got
the ability to do that in social media, you could do it for businesses too. You could
do it for businesses too. You could approach businesses and say, Hey, I'll do your social
media for a week. And if I get you some likes, now I get you some shares and comments. I
can do that for you on an ongoing basis for $500 a month or a thousand dollars a month,
or $3,000, a whatever you want to charge. You've probably already got these skills and
don't realize it. Maybe you're posting on Instagram all the time, and you have a huge
following. Maybe you have, you know, a Pinterest and you've got a big following there. Maybe
you're on Facebook, whatever it is. If you've already got that Knowledge of social media marketing, you can
sell this to businesses next up. I love this one.

I love this one. And it's so funny because
in the beginning I resisted it. Email marketing, email marketing. If you build an email list
of any niche, okay? Like I have an email list of people who wanna make money online. Okay.
That's one of my email lists have an email list of people who wanna buy survival products
and survival food. Uh, I can send out an email to either one of those lists and make thousands
of dollars within hours. Now that's crazy, right? Thousands of dollars within hours for
sending out an email. Now I've practiced this for years and I've written a lot of emails
and I've done a lot of work on this. And I had the right software, which I would recommend
to you. Kartra uh, you can get it for actually a dollar it's the software I use. You'll see a link below in the description.
So you do want to check out that link for Kartra K a R T R a.

pexels photo 265087

Uh, when you click that
link, you don't have to give up any of your information. You will see a free video that
tells you all about it. And if you like it, which you will, you can get it for $1. If
you use my affiliate link. Yes, I have an affiliate link for Carri. So email marketing
is a great way to make money. Takes a little bit of study, takes a little bit of time,
takes some specialized software, but once you get it, you're gonna make a lot of money.
Next thing up is consulting. Yes, consulting, digital marketing consulting. If you've been
successful by making money on one selling products, online, doing websites, whatever
it is, you can become a consultant. Now I know I did that a number of years ago,
and I said, you know, I wanna do some consulting. And I really didn't realize how much at work.
It took to work with somebody one on one.

I didn't like it that much, but the point
is I started off charging $500 a month. You got two phone calls a month. Uh, and then
I went up to $1,500. You got two phone calls a month. Uh, and then I went up to $5,000.
And my last contract, I was charging $2,000 an hour to talk to this company. And they
paid me $66,000, uh, 33 hours of work. I think that works out.

Something like that. Yeah.
Um, and it was amazing that I would get paid that much. Could I do that today? Yes, I could
that today, but I don't wanna take up my time building somebody else's business, cuz that's
essentially what you're doing. If you're a consultant, you're building somebody
else's business. Now some of you may really enjoy that and consulting is a great way to
go about it because there's so many companies out there. There's so many individuals out
there that need to know how to do digital marketing and they don't have a clue if you've
been doing it.

Uh, and you're, you're smarter than them. Then you're the expert. I think
a lot of people think, well, I'm not an expert because I don't have a specialized certificate
or a degree or something that does not make you an expert. That just means you paid somebody
for a degree. Uh, I know I've got one of those degrees back in a closet somewhere and doesn't
do me much good. But bottom line is I've made a whole lot up more money off what I've learned
on my own than what I learned in college.

Um, so don't worry about that certificate
thing. Don't worry if you're qualified, if you've gotten results and you've done some
digital marketing, then you're qualified. And if you don't have the experience, you
can learn any of this stuff, go through My channel. I have 1000 videos plus on this
channel now, uh, and you can go through those videos and you can learn all kinds of stuff
about making money online and you can actually take that information and go out and apply
it in life and make money. It's really that simple. So digital marketing, can you make
money? Of course you can. Um, are there a different ways to make money? Of course there
are, there are tons of different ways to make money with digital marketing. Uh, I've done
everything from affiliate marketing to email marketing, to sales pages, to funnels to,
I mean just goes on and on and on affiliate products. I mean, I just goes on and on and

There's so many different ways to make money. And if you're not, not taking advantage
of this, you're gonna kick yourself in four years, five years, whatever it is because
you're gonna realize what you could have done. Now, you may be saying, I don't have enough
knowledge at Jr. Then get the knowledge. It's not that hard to do. Just go get the knowledge,
go find, you know, buy a course. I have courses below. You can check out some of those courses
down there. I have a three course down there it's a $97 course. Then I've got paid ones.
I've got paid memberships where you can pay as little as $27 a month and you can learn
this stuff. You can learn how to do this stuff. Um, that's not a big investment. You know,
a lot of us will go out to lunch and spend $27 for lunch. So invest that money in yourself.
Check out. Some of my courses, learn from somebody who's made money. I've sold millions
of dollars of both digital and physical products online and been very successful at it. So I have a right to sell a course.

I have
a right to give you a guide, uh, as to how to make money. Be careful for the people who
at one point sold a product or two, but they don't do it anymore. I do digital marketing
every single day of my life. Okay. That's what I, I do. I do digital marketing. So when
I sell a course, when I'm selling you information on digital marketing, you can be assured it
works because I'm currently doing it. That's how I make my living is through digital marketing,
not selling courses. Um, though I do have a lot of courses and I've made a lot of money
on it.

That's not the number one way I make money. It is through digital marketing and
sell products and services online. I hope you enjoyed this video. Hope you got something
out of it. I hope you learned something. If you did do
me a favor, give me a comment below. Put that comment in there. Let me know what it is.
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