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In Today's video, I will show you how to earn 
$300 Passive Income over and over again with   a free method that I will show you later on! How 
to do it? We're about to find out. This is How to   build passive income using CPA marketing. Also 
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Thus of course 
make the most money. So right now, let me show   you the list of people from all over the world who 
have cashed out their earnings from this website.   So you might be asking, How much can you really 
earn using this website? As you can see in the   screen, this is live proof of people that has 
earned dollars using the services they offer.   One account has earned about five thousand 
one hundred and twenty eight dollars.   Another account earned five thousand and eighty 
four dollars. As we scroll upwards, we will see   Another person earning one hundred and seventy two 
thousand nine hundred and seventeen dollars and   thirty eight cents.

The limitations are endless. You 
can earn as much as you want using this website.   So what is the website that I am talking about? 
This website is called CPAgrip.com. So just before   I go ahead and explain everything, I need to remind 
you to be patient and keep watching because if you   go to this website right away you won't be able 
to use it effectively and to its full potential.   You may be able to earn a few dollars but you 
will be missing out a lot and leaving out money   on the table. So please keep watching and pay 
close attention later on I will show you how   to sign up with this website. But first I need you 
to do this other step for this method to work. The   method which I will be teaching you today is 100% 
FREE so you don't need to invest any money at all   and this is available all around the world you can 
do this wherever you are located.

Going back to the   video, the first step we need to do is to choose a 
niche and download a free eBook for that niche. Any   niche will do but for best results choose within 
this three top niche – Health, Relationship or Make   Money Industry. For this video, we will be choosing 
health niche specifically the weight loss niche.   Now, I want you to do is go to IDPLR and sign up 
for a free account. You will find the link to this   website on the first link in the description of 
this video. Go to the description and click on it.   Once you go the link, I want you to click register 
for free finish the sign up process and confirm.  your email.

Now, as a free member you will have two 
free points that you can use to download two gold   products for free. You can also upgrade to a paid 
member once you already earned money using this   method so you can do this over and over again. Now 
log into your account and search for Keto Diet.   As you can see with the search results, there 
are a lot of options we can choose from.   For this video, I will choose the Easy Keto eBook. 
Just click on the Easy Keto and click download.   After you save your file put the eBook file 
in your google drive and remember where you   save it because we will be using for later.

now we move on to the next step, but before that   comment down below where are you watching from? In 
that way I will know exactly where you are from.   So in the future I can make sure that every 
single video I release is meant for you.   So drop your country's name in the comments 
down below and don't forget I will be giving   away a lot of bonus tips that can help 
you earn double compared to other people.   So make sure to watch this video until the end and 
do not skip any parts so that you won't miss out   on those important tips.

Now let's get back to 
the video now what I want you to do next is go   to PLRPLR.com. This is a free website where you 
can get PLR articles that you can use for free.   It has one hundred thousands of totally free 
PLR articles. Now scroll down to the bottom of   this website and look for the dieting tab on the 
right side of the web page and then click on it.   This will bring us results of free articles we can 
use related to dieting. As you can see, we have a   lot of free articles we can choose to market the 
eBook we have downloaded earlier. For this example,   I will choose the article the dieting mindset. 
Just click on it and select the whole article.   Now copy the whole article and paste it on 
a google document after that save the file   so we can use it later on. But real quick if you 
guys are enjoying this video in which I've put   a lot of time and effort to actually do i 
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Going back, it is time to sign up   and go to the main website that will earn us 
passive income over and over again. Now go to   CPAGrip.com. CPAgrip is one of the leading cost 
per action affiliate marketing network. We will   be earning here by becoming a publisher. So this 
are a tool CPAgrip offers that can earn us money.   As you can see, it has content locker URL and 
file locker, video locker, offer wall, and virtual   currency. For this video, we will be focusing 
on URL and file locker.

pexels photo 9811270

So how does it work?   It works by locking a media file so that the user 
must complete an incentive offer to gain access to   the said link or file. When the user completes 
the incentive offer that is how we earn money .  Now what I want you to do next is sign up 
with this website by clicking sign up now.   Once you click sign up you will be 
taken to a page that looks like this.   Now fill out the information required.

If you don't 
have a website you can put in your YouTube channel   or you can search for any website in google that 
does content around the niche you are focusing on.   For the publisher type you can choose web content 
lock. After you fill it out check on the I'm not a   robot checkbox and accept the terms and conditions. 
Once you finish filling it out confirm your email   address that you have registered and wait to be 
approved. For my case, I was approved only minutes   after I signed up. If you're still watching this 
part of the video let me know if you are learning   anything leave a comment below. Now let's go back 
to the google drive where you saved the Easy Keto   ebook. If you have not saved easy keto ebook 
file to your google drive you can save it now. Now once you are in google drive, I 
need you to right click on the Easy   Keto pdf file and select get link change the 
restriction to anyone with the link. After that   click copy link open notepad and paste the link 
so we can use it later on.

Now let us go back, Once you are cpagroup.com, log into your account 
and you will see your dashboard similar to this   I want you to go click monetization tools located 
on the left side and then select URL file locker   After that click on create URL file locker in 
the creation tool go to templates and select a   template that you want to use. For this example, 
I will use the human verification template   Once done, go back again to general tab.

You can 
modify your incentive offer in this tab. Change the   name to something that you can easily identify. So 
for this I will change it to easy keto file locker.   Now copy your google drive link and paste it 
in the locked URL area. Once you are done click   create now. You will see the locked file in your 
menu all we have to do now is get the link and   drive traffic to that link to earn money. To get 
the link just select the get link button in the   right side of the name of your created locked file 
you will be shown to a menu similar to this.

In the   domain options choose the most recent domain. You 
can customize your URL by clicking customize URL. Once you are done copy the link. And now 
is the time to drive traffic to your link But first let us go back to the article we have 
copied earlier. In this article as you can see at   the bottom I created a Call -to -Action phrase to 
make readers click. This is where we can paste our   CPAgrip locked link. You can copy this call to 
action phrase or you can create your own. To put   our link in the call to action phrase just select 
the phrase and click on the add link button on top.   Paste your cpa locked link and that phrase 
will turn to color blue with underline on it.   That's how you will know that 
the phrase has a link on it.  Copy that phrase and paste it at different 
parts of your article, that way it has more   chances to be clicked by the readers but 
do not spam I suggest maximum of three   usually i put it near the beginning in the 
middle and at the end.

Now once you are done,   click file then download as pdf file. Now it's 
time to drive traffic to your free article. Go to slideshare.net. This website according to 
similarweb has a total of 139 million visits.   This is a great free traffic 
source for the article we created.   Now all we need to do is sign up with 
slideshare.net you can use your linkedin   account to sign up. If you don't have one you can 
create a free linkedin account in their website.   Once logged in, just click upload and select the 
pdf file we saved earlier change the title to   the title of your article or you can just put 
in a more click bait title to potentially get   more traffic.

Add tags related to dieting to 
make your article discoverable to visitors If you're still here I will be sharing the 
final bonus tip that will help you earn more.   And that is by sharing you another free 
traffic source! So the free traffic source   I am talking about is Pinterest. Pinterest 
is a great traffic source because it is free   and it receives a lot of traffic not only 
from its users but it does rank in google.   As you can see, from this account example they 
receive millions of views without having hundreds   of thousands of followers. Weight Loss Healthy 
tricks receives 2.3 million views every month.   And another page My Weight Loss Fun 
receives about 1.9 million views each month.   You can create similar pins like they do 
so you can drive more traffic to your link .  And now if you want to earn up 
to ten thousand dollars monthly   Check our five day challenge, the link 
is in the description in the video below   and discover how to build a profitable business 
online without having your own products to sell   this is a five-day program that aims to help 
you earn your first commission online through   Affiliate Marketing and i'll show you exactly how 
to do it in that video right there so check it   out.

Thank you so much for watching and be sure to 
drop a like and subscribe with notification on so   you don't miss out on any of the new contents 
as always i will see you in the next videos.

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