๐Ÿ‘†Newbie’s guide to getting consulting clients (part 1 of 2)

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newbies guide to getting consulting
clients part 1 of 2 now if you ask any person starting off in consulting the
number one fear they have is how do I get a client oh my god it's gonna be so
scary I might have to sell somebody I just don't know what to do I don't know
how to do it when in fact it doesn't have to be like that it could be really
easy to get clients and you don't have to use that hardcore sales either in
this video I'm gonna show you exactly how to get consulting clients easy
without any hardcore sale and we're starting right now hey our feature if
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work on our businesses together I thank you so much for watching this video you
know I've been selling online since 2009 and I've sold millions of dollars worth
of digital and physical products now all I do is share with you the tips tricks
and techniques that you could use to build your online business and build
your online presence now in this one here this is really close to my heart
this particular video is gonna be about how to get coaching clients or
consulting clients whatever you want to call them and I've done it I've done it
in the past I don't do it that much now just because I don't have the time for
it and I got to where I was charging a lot of money to do it and it was not
that many people can afford those kind of rates though I had clients and that
wasn't a problem the point is I didn't know I could get clients in the
beginning and I want to share with you in this video how you can get clients
hey you don't have to be real salesy or anything like that and you how you can
earn a really good living by doing coaching and consulting a lot of the
stuff you're gonna learn online if you if you look at courses if you look at
videos they're gonna tell you all the places you can get clients but they
never tell you how to win over those clients they
tell you how to get those clients to be lined up so that they can get coaching
or consulting from you and that's what we're gonna do in this video number one
attract the right clients nothing could be more important than this can you
imagine having to spend hours with somebody you don't like or you really
don't have the expertise to help them that's not what you want to do so the
first step is we got to make sure we're attracting the right people I'm not
saying that you're gonna get all your business from inbound contacts in other
words people finding you online and contacting you that would be unrealistic
in the beginning not that many people know you in the beginning and you're
gonna have to attract the right people but you're also gonna have to have them
in the right frame of mind when you do talk to them the first thing I would
suggest you do is present a good image online now that's gonna be your social
media that's gonna be your website so that's gonna be your content whatever it
is you're watching me on this channel right now and this channel is all about
making money online so you know this is one of my platforms where I put my
information out there it's also my website I put it out on my website it's
also in my social media I put stuff out in my social media and I think it's
really important when you're doing this and I did it in the beginning of this
video is talk about what your credentials are people don't mind paying
you if you have value but you have to state what your value is now I've owned
a company online for since 2009 so you calculate it based on when you're
watching this video and we've sold millions of dollars of products on that
particular company that's survival k-food
and you can google my name and find online courses about me we've done
millions of dollars in that too so the point is if you have these credentials a
lot of people say well you're just bragging you kind of got to a little bit
you got to brag about yourself a little bit cuz how are they gonna know that you
have value if you don't let them know you have value if you don't let them
know what your experiences are if you don't let them know what you've achieved
a lot of people when they hear what you've achieved that that's something
they want to achieve to you know whether it's selling millions of dollars of you
know digital products or physical products whatever it is they're looking
to achieve they see that you've done it then they're gonna want to work with you
because you've already achieved what they wanted maybe you're a weight loss
person maybe you lost 200 pounds you know that story should be out there if
you're working in weight loss let them know where you started at then they're
gonna be able to actually bond with you because they're gonna see that you know
you were just like them and you're at the spot they want to be now so they're
more likely to want to get you know consulting from you now you may be
thinking to yourself well how am I gonna put all this experience and all these
achievements I'm just starting out how am I gonna do that well there are ways
you could do that there are ways you can get these
achievements a lot faster too so use your previous experience if you worked
on a job and you were financial advisor and the portfolio that you worked with
gained 20% a year on average talk about that you know talk to your previous
employer make sure it's okay to do that if you're an SEO expert and you worked
at another company doing SEO and the websites you worked on they achieve some
big goals you know they got a thousand visitors or 10,000 or 100,000 whatever
it was put that online too so that people know what you've done they've got
to see these achievements the next thing is offer to work that it reduced rate
you know find some people that are looking for consulting in your area and
say hey I'll give you a half rate if you'll just rate me afterwards so I can
get some ratings online on a new business and I'm starting out a lot of
businesses would be thrilled to be able to pay half what that consulting job is
to get the work done and they'll be happy to give you a good testimonial as
long as you do good work for them now the last one a lot of you aren't gonna
want to do but I'm doing it right now I will tell you not very millions of
dollars and I'm still doing it right now here's what I'm doing I'm working for
free you're watching this video right now and you're getting information on
how to become a consultant how to become a coach how to get clients and I'm
teaching you for free now why would I do that well I do that because if I do that
people are gonna see what I have to say they're gonna learn from it they're
gonna get results they're gonna make money and a portion of those people will
buy my courses they'll get training from me
so I actually do make money but I'm actually working for free at the same
time so that's another thing I would suggest to you just put that content out
there and show you how value they will come back as they return on down the
road I would say also clean up your social media accounts now I've always
been pretty good about this I don't post anything controversial I don't get into
politics online I never post anything like that but Google your name just
google your name you know this can be I awaken for you you're always gonna have
some people are gonna say negative things about you I had a couple people
that gave me a bad google review – okay in the past I don't know ten years or
something like that and neither one of those people I had ever worked with they
never bought a course for me I never taught him anything they just randomly
get review and that's gonna happen no matter what but the point is if you've
got some stuff out there that is you know kind of borderline that you don't
want people to see I would suggest you removing it if you can you want to
optimize your LinkedIn profile I don't I don't use LinkedIn much I really don't
but I know it's a really important factor out there for those people who
are like going through different jobs or whatever and if you're gonna be a
consultant you might as well update that and let people know that you're now a
consultant also because if they go to it they see it you still work at ABC
company they're gonna go with this guy isn't a consultant at all you must be
doing this on the side so make sure you update all that now here's a few things
you can do and LinkedIn to make your profile stand out a little bit more get
found easier I'm go in there and you'll want to change the keywords okay you see
right here that are in your LinkedIn profile you can do that so I feel like
your entire profile make sure you use bullet points that summarize
achievements and results from relevant work and ask for recommendations so you
got to ask people for this you gotta ask them for testimonials they don't just
randomly give them to you there's a little box right here on LinkedIn this
is asked to be recommended make sure you check that box right there update your
blog I can't impress upon you enough and I
don't do this as much as I should if it's hard to do everything I spend a lot
of time on YouTube these days but update your blog on a regular basis if you're a
business owner just sharing your idea on a daily basis people get in there and
read that stuff and that'll be important to them and they'll get knowledge from
it and it'll build you up as a consultant as an expert of your area
don't forget if you got a website which should make sure you update that with
Google make sure you get all your SEO done on there that you're supposed to do
you know if you if you post things in your blog and some ideas there like
answer questions that clients have given you clients ask you questions about
particular things and you answer them put that in your blog a lot of times
I'll read somebody's blog and find out they're an expert or something and I'll
contact him and talk to him about stuff and I've hired people by doing that so
you've got to put your thoughts out there for free okay in many cases in the
beginning so that you build this reputation now there are going to be
those people who see that and they're gonna say well this person has
information I like what do I do next make sure you have a prominent work with
me page or program page that you offer for consulting services whatever it is
make it easy for them to actually contact you now you should have a link
at the bottom top somewhere in the middle of your blogs that say hey here's
how you can get in touch with me if you want to work with me now here's an
example right here from Jess creatives and they do it looks like websites it
says right up here at the top you see this hire me button in the upper right
corner that leads to her services that way if you want to work with her it's
right there it's simple to do yeah another thing you could do is to turn
jobs into consulting positions and here's what I mean by that a lot of
companies are out there trying to hire long term full time employees and maybe
they've got a project to work on but they aren't sure what the future
projects will be approach those companies and say well instead of hiring
a marketing director why don't you let me work on your next project I'll do
that next project for you and show you what I can do for you and maybe we can
work long-term later on now make it real clear when you talk to these people then
you are not applying for the job what you're actually doing is offering your
services on that particular project now some of the sites you may want to go to
are indeed angel lists we work remotely and remote dot Co those are some real
good sites for you to go to and offer your services once your consulting
services are winding down with a client that doesn't mean it's necessarily an
end it's really on how you approach it it's really important that your
off-boarding is as impressive as your onboarding if they see you're a
professional when you leave but you stay in touch with them that you offer help
one down the road then they're more likely to come back to you and hire you
again so what I would do is send them a message and you know thank them for the
business put some bullet points of all the things that you got accomplished for
them ask them for their feedback this could be in the form of a testimonial or
their permission to post that you work with them and you post that on your site
and don't forget ask them if you have other business associates that have jobs
that are similar to this so you send them my way I'll be happy to help them
out now I put a letter on a screen here and this is kind of a template that you
can use it says hi now that we're wrapping things up with blank I wanted
to review some of the things we've achieved while working together then you
have a few bullet points there it was a pleasure working with you and I'm so
proud of the results we've seen together at the end of every project I'd like to
ask my clients and questions so I can continue to improve my services if
you're happy with my work I'd also like to use some of your answers in a
testimonial or my website and marketing materials with your name and URL
included is that okay with you please reply inline to these questions what
made you decide to hire a blank what were some of the hesitations you had as
you look for a consultant what results have I helped you achieve what did you
like best about working with me what could I have done better and would you
recommend me to your colleagues if so what kind of person do you think would
benefit from working with me and number seven there anything else you'd like to
add so that should just about wrap it up I don't have any time
left okay I really appreciate you watching this video don't forget grab my
free course in the description below it's a $97 course don't forget to
subscribe turn on bella notifications that's all
bail notifications so you joined the Fisher family the VIP group that gets
notified of all these videos I appreciate your time watching this and
I'll see you in the next video

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