🎥📺How to make a YouTube video (Beginners Guide) – part 1 of 2

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how to make a youtube video beginner's
guide part 1 of 2 hey it's no secret YouTube is the place you want to post
videos it's it's the number one platform on the Internet
oh my gosh YouTube has over 2 billion active users and 1 billion video hours
are watched every single day to put that in perspective that's a hundred and
fourteen thousand years of videos consumed every single day YouTube
creators can make hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a month
creating videos so I know you're interested now today I'm going to share
with you the tips tricks and techniques that some of the top youtubers use and
I'm going to show you exactly what you should do and what you shouldn't do and
we're starting right now if you want to make videos on YouTube you're gonna love
this guide I can promise you that in a few simple steps you're gonna be
creating content in no time hey if you're new to my channel I'm J.R.
Fisher welcome welcome to my channel don't forget to subscribe there's a big
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I'll be happy to answer them for you ok let's get started right now and let's
learn how to make videos on YouTube now I do want to remind you this is part 1
of 2 there's a lot of steps you got to go through to make videos and get people
to actually watch them ok so make sure you watch this video in the description
I'll put the link to the other video that goes with this one now there is
actually in steps to making these videos so I'm
gonna put the first five in this video and then the second five and part two
step one is to create a YouTube strategy okay now the best-kept secret right now
about videos on YouTube is those people who have the right strategy do really
well now it doesn't matter if you have a lot of charisma and you're really funny
and you're really entertaining if you have the wrong strategy you're not going
to do well on YouTube YouTube is all about the viewer it's not about you so
if you're coming to YouTube thinking well I just want to make money for me
and I want people to subscribe to me you're missing the point
the point is what are you gonna give to them in YouTube to be successful on
YouTube the whole strategy is all about the viewer what are you gonna do for
them now before you even start your script or your storyboard you got to say
who is my audience who's gonna be watching my videos who am I trying to
attract if you do random videos and you're all over the place and sometimes
you're cooking and sometimes you're traveling and sometimes you're teaching
them accounting you know you're not gonna be able to build your channel it's
not gonna happen once you know your audience and what they're looking for
now my audience is people who want to learn how to make money online so I sell
digital products I sell physical products I've sold millions of dollars
worth of products and what I do is I share within the tips and tricks and
techniques that I use to make money online so that they can apply it and get
good results too so I don't do cooking and I don't do travel and I don't do you
know entertainment I'm not telling jokes or anything like that if my audience
knows that so my audience comes to me for those particular subjects you want
to really examine who your audience is you know what are their problems what do
you want them to learn from your videos how are your videos actually going to
benefit them once you're kind of getting their heads and figure out who they are
makes it a whole lot easier to make videos keep in mind niche is good broad
is bad okay I already said something about that a little bit earlier in this
video but you want to be as nice as possible as long as you have a big
enough audience in that way you're gonna be able to build your audience now it
doesn't hurt in your videos and I'll say it right now if you've got a video idea
that I can do on this channel please put in the comments below
it doesn't hurt for you to talk to your audience matter of fact it's gonna help
you a lot if you know what they want if you have a vast majority of your
audience that once you know videos on dyeing their hair or making pasta or
whatever it is then you can make videos on that subject and you can get more
viewership by doing that I'll also say and everybody worries about this throw
perfection out of the window you're not going to be perfect none of mine are
perfect they're better now than they were are they great I don't know I don't
I don't think so I don't think they'll ever be great and that's the one thing
that will actually prevent you from succeeding because the more you worry
about that the more you worry about your lighting and your camera and you know
how well you speak and if you mess up and if you you know do things wrong then
you're not gonna create videos you're just gonna stop and the best thing you
can do is just start creating videos make those mistakes they're gonna happen
anyhow and get through them and improve as you go that's all you really can do
step 2 pretty important make sure your video can be found on YouTube if nobody
can find it they can't watch it there's a thing called SEO search engine
optimization and if you don't optimize your video to where people can actually
find your video then it's not gonna get watched no matter how good it is now
there's actually two ways to rank your YouTube videos the first way is to make
content that is good for users and the second way is to make content that's
good for search now at the end of the day like I said if they can't find it
you know or if they're not searching for it that's another thing guys if they're
not searching for it then you're not gonna do well now we use two buddy I
like to buddy a lot because we can put tags on videos and all tags are or words
that are associated with that video so that when somebody goes to the search
engine on YouTube and they type in a subject your videos come up in the
results because you've tagged your videos with those words that's how the
videos get found now in this video here the title is you know how to make
youtube videos for a beginners guide so I really was a niche down there's a
there's a particular you know segment of the population I'm going after I'm going
after people who don't really make videos on YouTube right now with
the ones who want to so if you've been making videos for years this wouldn't
show up as far as what are your searches right because you wouldn't be searching
beginners guide but if a beginner is searching on how to make youtube videos
they're gonna come across my video and it's gonna match what they want now the
next thing I'll tell you is when you make your video you want to make it
useful and helpful so you know the two main reasons that people use YouTube are
they want education or they want to be entertained those are the two main
reasons people use YouTube so if you're not funny you know if you're not there
to entertain people then make sure that whoever watches your video comes away
with some information that they can actually use and they find it useful
step 3 find YouTube ideas and topics to make your videos on now there's tons of
ways to find YouTube video ideas that's why I like to buddy a lot let's say you
have a DIY channel that has to do with home repair you are gonna want to tackle
all the problems that somebody would have with home repair
maybe it's redoing their kitchen cabinets you could do videos on how to
redo kitchen cabinets maybe it's how to remove a popcorn ceiling because if
you're renovating a house a lot of houses have that people don't want that
anymore so think of particular things that somebody would want to do to a home
to recondition that home and make videos on those subjects one of the ways I find
subjects is by using YouTube search if you type in YouTube search and you find
some other videos that are related to what you want to do you can look at the
number of views if there's a lot of videos and a lot of views you're gonna
figure out that that's probably a good subject to do it on but then I go back
and I check it with two buddy to see if the competition is too great for me to
even rank on it so that's why two buddies so good and I'll also put a link
for two buddy below it's free you can get the free version of it if you choose
to get the paid version later on if you use my link you can get a 20% discount
so check out that link below here's an example right here you're seeing on the
screen I typed in tutorial video into the search bar and if you'll notice here
I've got a tutorial video star tutorial video editing
music star headed their song ideas so it's gonna give me some of the search
terms that people are actually searching for which gives me more ideas about
doing videos YouTube has already gotten that data and
they know what people are looking for so here's the key make a video on a subject
that people are already looking for as opposed to just what you think might
work that doesn't matter what you think understand it's all about the viewer now
you can also number to look in the comments section of videos that have
gotten a lot of views in those comments sections you're gonna see a lot of
people asking for videos on particular subjects and you can go through a video
and look at all the comments and figure out if a lot of people are asking for a
video on a particular subject maybe that's gonna be a good video for you to
make now on the screen here here's a comment that somebody put my biggest
dilemma in making tutorials is the choice between spontaneous or
pre-scripted okay spontaneous tutorials recording the voice-over so maybe making
a video that actually explains that particular thing to people and the pros
and cons of it would be a great video the next place you can look is
communities and groups that would be number three whether it's Twitter or
Facebook or Instagram or whatever it is those are great places to figure out
what people are talking about and what the conversation is and as I mentioned
earlier number four ask your audience if you already have an audience if you
already have a list of people send out a survey or a questionnaire offer them
something free for doing the question here don't just say hey do my
questionnaire because I want data I had a friend I talked to on the phone
yesterday and he was gonna send out a quiz to all these people he didn't know
and offer him nothing for filling out the quiz so they're probably not gonna
do that and I've been guilty of that in the past but now I get it you know why
would I fill out that quiz there's gonna be some motivation so maybe if you're
doing home remodeling you may say hey I've got this question about home
remodeling if you fill out my survey I'll give you the ten steps that you
know you can improve your house with under $100 or something along that line
so people go yeah I'd kind of like to have that I'll go ahead and fill out
your survey make sure you give them something upfront now stay
for understand YouTube equipment for beginners it is different ok people get
all tripped up on this equipment what camera do I need to have a big channel
it's not about the camera that's not the case at all it's really easy to get
overwhelmed when you look at big youtubers because they've reached that
stage where they can afford to buy the lighting in the camera and the
microphones and the backdrops and you go oh my god that's what I need to be
successful when in fact the best thing to do is go to some of those big
youtubers and click on videos in sort by oldest video and look at the oldest
video that they did and you'll notice they didn't have all that stuff then
they didn't start off that way so don't worry about equipment it's not about
equipment it's about content and it's about consistency and the one thing I
would add to that too is all that equipment all those cameras those
microphones they get complicated you don't want to complicate your life in
the beginning you just want to get some continental some basic gear you're gonna
need is you're gonna need a microphone you can get those for $29 I'll have some
links below if you want to have something along the lines of a lavell
ear microphone like what I have here now this is a more expensive one this is a
wireless one you can also use a shotgun microphone and I'll leave a link below
for the shotgun microphone that we use and you can also use we get this over
here a desk microphone just like this I'll leave this in the link down there
we have a lot of different equipment now so that's the first thing you want to
worry about is sound if you know if you're recording on your phone and
you're not within 2 or 3 feet it's gonna have bad sound you're gonna need an
external microphone but if you don't have the money for that you can't do
that just record within 3 feet in the beginning the next thing you're gonna
need is a screen recorder and video editor a lot of that comes already with
your software so you'll have it there you don't have to worry about it I like
to use Camtasia for my screen recorder and I also use it for my video editor
too and I'll put a link in the description below for that next thing
you want to think about is lighting now I have a lot of lighting in this room
right now I have a bunch of lights on me and they help a lot but if you don't
have lighting it's okay all you want to do is position yourself by a window that
does have lighting now the big mistake everybody makes there as they stand with
light behind him in a window that's not what you need to do you need to stand
where the light is behind the camera and you are in front of the window because
the light will be cast on you and not behind you when it's behind you it's
gonna make you look darker it'll do just the opposite of what you're trying to do
well on the screen right now I have a little diagram of what lighting should
be and what it shouldn't be so you can take a look at that you can stop this
video you can kind of read what it says on the screen there but this is how your
lighting should be when you're filming now the next thing you need is a camera
or a webcam either one will work don't overthink this okay I've got I've used
cameras just on my laptop right now I'm recording with the DSLR I've used my
phone before I have a little external camera I sometimes use on here it
doesn't matter I've never had a video blow up because I
had a really good camera now what is important like I said is the sound you
could have a so-so video that doesn't look that great as long as the sound is
good but sound is super important guys step 5 is you've got to learn the first
YouTube video you should bake the first youtube video what do you mean this is
the first one you should make are you ready according to tech Smith who
actually is the company who developed the software I use for video editing
they say 53% of the people reported watching two or more instructional
videos a week that's up a hundred and fifty-two percent from what it used to
be so the first videos you should make are instructional videos that's what
people are looking for and if you have instructional videos you're going to get
people coming back and you're gonna start building your audience and in
anything I mean simple stuff you know how to make scrambled eggs how to have
more tomatoes in your garden this year whatever it is make sure it's something
helpful and instructional along those lines that fit within your niche pew
research actually surveyed 4,500 Americans in 2018 and 87% get this 87
percent of the users said that YouTube is important for helping them figure out
how to do things they've never done before I know I've used it for that
you've probably used it for that if I don't know how to do something I type it
in YouTube now watch a video and no I typed in dog training and this is
what I came up with oh my gosh there's so many different videos of dog training
first time puppy training we've got here five more top dog training tips the
easiest way to keep your dog clean I mean this is just an example of right
now how to with dogs so get started go through all five of these steps I just
gave you okay now here's the important thing you gotta watch the second half of
this the second half of this wraps this up that's part two like I said I'm gonna
put a link in the description below to part two you got to go over there and
watch part two super-important I really appreciate you watching this I do have a
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put it in the comments below thank you so much for watching this video and I'll
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