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hello everyone in this video I want to talk about content marketing strategy and my point of view how to develop a marketing strategy and how they are there are already some businesses developing different strategies on the digital world and I want to talk about one what I consider it will be like the doctor's strategy, so I will mention why I call it that and if we like a self-analysis or something, because I do it sometimes for myself or if you are going to think about something, not related to health, but if you go to google and if you google there is already one quote i read uh google symptoms just tell you which disease uh has sold better and which page is actually the one that has a lot of
sales for the third time type of disease and problems and it will be in this case of this strategy for content doctors is what I will call it for any other business not related to the health industry but and I will show it on the screen when you search the quantity which has health free daily topics compared to other business now you can probably see if you are telling this kind of thinking about another business it can also be another option of thinking about content strategy and also the sales strategy because if you think well in general terms of digital marketing we have the content marketing marketing on social media email marketing and also social selling and there are like these different options that are good we can not just go okay specify it is the best and perfect strategy nr there are several and it is so good thing i think um about digital marketing and content marketing strategy you can try a b testing is good to try content marketing and if we reproduce this doctoral strategy for your own business then you can see it as okay I am a doctor for many people and i try to solve people's problem and if i will tell it well, let's take an example like general business uh software that can be called an erp be or crm or any other related uh software for businesses and actually if you compare and I will post it here on the screen and you can either use keyword research or neil patel super suggest or many other research tools and I show when you compare erp with e.g.

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excel or many others are the best i think excel more the most famous software for making spreadsheets but also like doing it um the peaceful basic things and creating and using the templates within the excel for running our businesses and if you already know that erp systems are good, it helps you to optimize uh the business processes and so on why people are still looking to shine out like here a large amount of traffic and not erp system they tend to be better or they help you and that's the part where i think it comes down to this doctor content marketing strategy or idea because when people start aiming reach out like it's a tip i say as you aim for spreadsheets like four point sales systems or for inventory management or any other related stuff like with regards to business in general then you might start attracting it part of pull and it is also another part of marketing strategy the pull strategy of the things people already know and they are already looking and moving it to better and even more efficient working methods which is one of the steps we can do well analyze what your business is doing here i have already talked about probably erp systems crms or so on but for example if you are a
i do not know restaurant consulting business and if you are trying to mike restaurants more advantage and okay how many people are looking for because I do not know restaurant consulting and I will post it here on the screen number and now if we compare the
number let's say do not know what can not be the main problems of a be
restaurant owner or what they try to look so likely if we do not try only from the recipes I will say and if we start aiming so for the recipes and if you start showing yourself as a great expert of recipes to just give up a topic here, then we can also start with this slightly and slowly draw technique also in video-youtube strategy or so more not just on social media not marketing, but with that I can consider myself more of a push strategy rather than pull I prefer pull strategies but it 's another part of creating yourself a brand awareness and it still creates main generation try to print and position it yourself as a thought leader so I can say and pull through people from the main topic to the topic or the things you are selling and the ones you are actually good at and what people can see it is good even better , these were things I know already trying to go after what the alberti people are talking and looking for and trying to aim for it and I will show you here uh another example of wise uh actually when I was like searching for spreadsheet for inventory management curious did i just find um this bl adsy on the inventory management that needs to be done as related to transfer wise or codewise with spreadsheets and well, it's part of a content marketing strategy that if you start aiming for things that people are already looking for and they just found gold even if they were looking to buyer let's say it's each other wise okay here is what you are looking for you are looking for inventory management spreadsheets but if for some reason you want you are looking and aiming for these kind of topics so you will hear there is like well transfer or like affordable transfer cheaper than banks so it's part of what I say it's like the doctor's content marketing strategy you're trying to solve the problem people are already looking for even if it's health or money transfers uh food recipes or even the erp crm or something related to stock management but try it myself for myself and for my blog I just create new blog oriented tool for most researched terms so in my blog I can see that the numbers are growing st adig so so I hope um this opinion helps you if you are also aiming for content marketing strategies and thanks for watching, do not hesitate to write in the comments

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