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[Music] Hello everyone in this video I want to show you cloud ways and how good they are using hf filter if you go here to cloudways and maybe you can actually look here on pricing they already have different types of cloud services you can choose from digital ocean web services lenod voltor amazon and google cloud but here you go straight to the wool tour they have two different types of packages or services where you can actually choose between standard and high frequency it was recommended by many youtubers or other people on facebook that high frequency it was very good hosting also special for wordpress because It can help you speed up your wordpress site so we can go here and up to start for free and I'm going through the whole process just to show how it works so I'll have to give another email since I'm already registered and you 'll get an email where you'll have to activate your account and once it's activated you'll have Here is the first dashboard where you can actually select the different server types so we can just go first here to give a video name I will call it the video server and your
project you tube and we can select voltor here or if you are also aiming for other cloud waste there are different services but at different prices so we can select here voltor we will choose higher frequency and of course if you are starting a wordpress site with only 1Gb at 13G per month this is recommended for traffic Low Websites As long as your website keeps growing and keeps getting more traffic you can eventually scale up to 2 GB Four GB up to 48 GB ie this is bigger depending on your traffic but if you start Or if you already have a website and you want to improve then you can select two gigabytes or four gigabytes as you can select the location where you can choose between us and different cities from America Europe Asia or Canada so this will be chosen according to your needs so I will just choose here Silicon Valley and then We start now so we have to wait a bit until the server is done so we can test the server so we can build our wordpress site with cloud waste and high frequency voltage so here you will get the info this if as soon as needed k to it or if you want to do some changes via filezilla you can actually get here the ip address and password and here we have this structure how to change it in order to get the urls so if we go here to cloudways we will go here we can just copy the username and copy the password As far as you already have the first part of your WordPress installed and if we go here in the dashboard we can see here we have the basic WordPress welcome page maybe the other important thing to attend is change the domain name so let's test it using the domain name that I have so we will go here to the domain admin We'll create here I'll just use my work name We'll just save Ok, wherever you have your dns your domain name records you can just set it up here and we'll just copy- paste and save so that the content is actually parked on our IP address this might take a while don't worry too much but This .
Basically how does the domain name setup work and we're ready to go as you can see here I already have my own domain name with the registered name for my business and wordpress is already set up to have your wordpress site as it is they saw it's really easy really really fast so it's going to be The fact of creating your own WordPress site is another thing I want to show you is how fast you can do it up and even better so I'll show you with my website so if you go here I have my website I have a component here and I also have wpml and they are from being known as uh plugins which might slow down the wordpress site but if I go here to page speed I will do hp tests and also I will go to gt benchmarks so you can see here that I will get 100 percent less 0.8 seconds from great content paints so my website is already optimized and these are the numbers which i will get with with the full high frequency tour i am reaching hundreds i am at 74 on some of my pages one of the most visited pages having already hit even better numbers so it would just be a matter of having your website in volt or high frequency but can Access to it and it is possible, uh, feasible to access these numbers for a mobile phone.

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Getting 86 and now 100 is the basic web basics in Google, one of the most important things .
this or it is a ranking factor also having your wordpress site on good cloud hosting like vulture high frequency it is also possible to hit this number but i must also mention that i got freelance support from fiverr who was a software engineer and will also let him so he can help you Also in getting to that number but if you can see the performance here and the build numbers are also the biggest paints with less than a second content let me show you this other page .
This actually has like less than 500 milliseconds so I'm still amazed what you can actually do with eagle high frequencies on the clouds you can get to really good numbers and you can speed up your wordpress site but I also recommend getting a specialist from fiverr so I hope this is The video helped you learn more about UHF by watching [Music] You

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